The convent at the top of a hill in Ein Kerem

The Monastery of Notre Dame de Sion is located in the village of Ein Kerem, west of Jerusalem. Many visitors are attracted to the village of as the place where Christians commemorate the birth of John the Baptist and Mary’s visitation to Elizabeth. Ein Karem is just close enough to Jerusalem for people to enjoy the restaurants, shops and galleries that make this village such a popular destination, but it is also just far enough away to ensure that, at Notre Dame de Sion, we can offer our visitors a quiet and tranquil environment within the monastery and its gardens. Ein Kerem is home to synagogues, churches and monasteries, which help to create a spiritual ambiance as well as providing a connection to its historical importance. The simplicity and beauty of the natural environment, surrounded by hills, valleys, and forests makes Ein Kerem one of the most picturesque areas of Jerusalem.

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