The cemetery, within the monastery grounds, provides a peaceful place to reflect on the history of Notre Dame de Sion in Jerusalem and perhaps on one’s own story. Fr. Mary is buried here; his grave is marked by a sculpture of Mary. On his grave you will often see small stones left by visitors to honor his memory. This cemetery is also the final resting place of Sisters of Sion who died while in service in this land, and of Brothers of Sion, some of whom had previously been buried at Saint Peter of Sion, Ratisbonne, in Jerusalem (est. 1874). A few Christians of Jewish origin and others who had been very close friends of the Congregation have also been buried here. The various inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic attest to the diversity of Christianity in the Holy Land. From the cemetery one has a view of The Visitation Sanctuary, Gorny (Russian) Monastery and Hadassah Hospital.