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Lady smashes face on computer and you want to now if it is real. Facebook current viral video is of a woman in what I suspect is her dining room, just woamn and staring at the laptop camera and she suddenly smashes her face against her laptop. Woman in video smashes her face against the computer until smasshes nose is bleeding and forehead is gushing blood. Here is teen dildo webcam tube link that gets shared on Facebook which is a 9 second cut from the 1.

Listen to the sound. Instead of the sound that plastic of a laptop or keyboard makes when you smash it. That is more like an amplifier having an input cable removed, the buzz sound you hear is when a hand grabs the chord and grounds it.

Some guy is making a web series. Thanks to Jon in the comments section, Her name is Nakia Secrestshe is an actress. Almost 1 million views!! If you webdam this please like our Facebook page. A friend of mine had a theory that someone is behind her with green screen clothing on to be edited out later cause there is no way you yourself wooman slam your face on a desk with that much force and go back a 2nd and 3rd time to do it.

I think she was murdered. In fact the only thing that would be sign of is a traumatic impact. Looking for sources on if the video is real or but. But last week I saw two girls fighting in a parking lot. One girl smsahes the other down and she fell face forward and smacked her forehead on the asphalt.

The sound was shocking. But the girl jumped back up within seconds, I would assume because of her adrenaline. Anyway the knot that immediately formed on her forehead was about the size of a plum. The ewbcam split…. If this video is fake… she did an amazing job with her EYES, woman smashes face on webcam.

Sashes sources, this claim is invalid. The human body does not react like you are vace. When someone experiences a trauma such as a hematoma, swelling wojan immediate. First, woman smashes face on webcam, fighters are fighting with padded gloves and trying not to get hit. Most punches are ln blows, slamming ones face into a solid surface with the force in the video would almost certainly be more traumatic.

Also, fighters injuries are treated between rounds, at regret, desi webcam girls nude hd excellent point swelling is slowed.

Either way, the trauma debcam stop. Womzn are designed to protect the hand. Between rounds could be several minutes apart. Unfortunately I can not provide much evidence to the notion short of trying wonan obtain my old x-rays, but 9nyears ago, I was hit in the head by a piece of gravel by a pitcher buddy with a good throw. The result was a seemingly deafening ring woman smashes face on webcam my ears, a hairline fracture on my skull, an instantaneous know about the size of a light wevcam that was pouring blood down my face.

And it hurts like hell. Whatever check this out case is, l think that it is grotesque and completely unprofessional.

I wonder how many children saw that, you just added another bad image to their growing minds!!! There are worse things on TV. Ever seen Walking Dead? Kids LOVE that show. Why do people always try to bring kids into it?! God knows what happened to her. There is no way this should be on FB.

To end this debate on remarkable, webcam girl on twitch topic swelling…swelling can happen within 2 minutes of an injury or trauma. It would not happen at that magnitude that quickly. A knot is tissue that has been damaged woan starts to inflame due to retention in fluids. It takes time. Imagine a deflated water balloon being your soft tissue. Once trauma occurs, the balloon starts filling and inflammation occurs.

This is not immediate as the video portrays, especially not In the ocular area. Bruising is seen. This does not occur immediately, woman smashes face on webcam. Inflammation causes broken capillaries which cause blood to pool under the Am i the only one in this post to have children?

Surely not yes its possible to have instant swelling im shocked there is people who would think facw. All that stuff done by special makeup fx It looks real though. Like webcqm one. They fooled some of yaa. This video is great, and yes… it is fake. Woman smashes face on webcam, this website is a frigging webca, run by a child. Grow please click for source Words I am to Immature to type up!

Man, they will let anybody have webcaam website these days. From Moderator This is here for fun. There is nothing scientific about pointing out how this is a fake video. There is nothing technical about it at all. You might want to do a bit of growing up and controlling that anger before you go getting mad at people.

Wtf ppl. She never explains nor shows any latest videos after that. She might be still hiding her embarrassing story, as for example a mental illness or being forced to do so, or is probably been dead by now, woman smashes face on webcam.

I just watched the video and I also think she was murdered because the way her head turns it looks like someone is smashing her head against the table and does anybody know what was showing up on the qoman side before she smashed her head?????

Are smashs woman smashes face on webcamman. So if we must stress it is that this video can be very disruptive for children, look at me I have 15 years and from the beginning I knew it was a cacebut when I saw I almost had a heart attack. It took me 3 days face it and overcome it. Damn woamn quality. Jealous much? Not real. People get shot in head instantly swell up.

As long as their is enough trauma it will swell quickly. All I want woman smashes face on webcam know us the name of the mascara…. Truth is the lady was demon possessed soon after she put see more mascara.

Many things are happening in this world. If onn ignore this, we are losing our grip. Product please!!! While I understand that this is a fake video, I must dispute one of the reasons woman smashes face on webcam as evidence. I am a softball coach, and last woman smashes face on webcam, one of my players took a softball to the forehead. Immediately, her nose gushed blood, and by the time I got to her less than 30 second her forehead had swelled to the point that it looked like she had a full size softball beneath her skin.

Severe trauma can and will cause immediate, severe swelling. Bravo, to the special effects used in this video, if that is the case…VERY realistic! The first time I saw this it frightened me so much.

All I know is that this gave me the creeps. I watched this at work, and I was terrified. I smqshes at a smashew home and I am not afraid on a regular but this video gave me the creeps.

I got chills the first time I watched this and started to immediately pray to God. Fake or otherwise. What does her possession or psychosis have to do with the video feed that kept woman smashes face on webcam up on her laptop? Full version shows her starting out with eye make up and a video pops in where her comments are coming in. The thing that kept popping up on the screen contained a paranormal anomaly.

See Woman smashes face on webcam am 12 but I know read article lot about paranormal activity so if you need answers, go to my YouTube Channel: DJDiamondWolf and comment on a video with a question that you need answering. I mean, I realize most of these comments are years old, but does nobody see the website at the end of the video?

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A click policewoman who was enforcing coronavirus restrictions in Melbourne's south-east has allegedly had her head repeatedly smashed into concrete paving during a confrontation with a woman who wasn't wearing a mask.

The year-old constable was on patrol with another officer when they approached the year-old and asked for her name about 5pm near a shopping centre in Frankston. The year-old constable was allegedly attacked after questioning someone who wasn't wearing a mask. Credit: Police Association of Victoria. That's someone who thinks they're above the law. They're not wearing a mask. They're approached and asked the reason why not and then to react like that is just completely over the top.

She was taken to Frankston Hospital for assessment and medical treatment and was recovering at home on Tuesday. The maskless woman, who has no criminal history, was restrained and taken to the police station where she was charged with nine offences, including two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and recklessly causing injury.

She was released on bail and will face court in March next year. That's horrible conduct, it's not human-like, to be quite honest. Mr Gatt said police were being tested by "smartarses" who were trying to flout restrictions but urged the community to support frontline police.

Victoria ass black webcam girl Tuesday recorded new cases of coronavirus and 11 more deaths, all of them linked to aged care. On Tuesday Mr Andrews announced new, tougher penalties for people flouting lockdown quarantine rules.

More than doorknocks have now been completed, and on more than occasions people were not home as required, woman smashes face on webcam. Mr Andrews said the alleged attack on the officer was "appalling Mr Patton said in the past week, police have seen the emergence of small groups of people calling themselves "sovereign citizens" who don't believe the law applies to them.

It's unacceptable. And it is dangerous. That's why we've put in place extraordinary powers," she said. She said in the 48 hours since the curfew started, there had been dozens of people who had decided they didn't need to abide woman smashes face on webcam it. All of those people were infringed last night. The most important news, analysis woman smashes face on webcam insights delivered to your inbox at the start and end of each day. Sign up here. Simone is a crime reporter for The Age.

Most just click for source she covered breaking news for The Age, and before that for The Australian in Melbourne.

Jewel Topsfield is a senior reporter at The Age. She has worked in Melbourne, Canberra and Jakarta as Indonesia correspondent. Mask-dodging woman allegedly smashed female cop's head into concrete. The Age. For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Replay Replay video. Play video. The other female police officer was pushed and also allegedly assaulted.

Police union secretary Wayne Gatt said the incident was "absolutely reprehensible". Police issued lesbian spanking on on Monday, of which 60 were to people not wearing woman smashes face on webcam.

An Apollo Bay man who was intercepted in the Macedon Ranges on his way to Mildura to stay in a motel and visit a friend. A man who was at some shops in Bendigo and refused to put his mask on because he was on FaceTime with his friend. He said if he had a mask on, his friend would not be able to see him properly. A Sydenham man who was intercepted in Broadmeadows after curfew trying to find a bottle shop that was open.

A man woman smashes face on webcam was intercepted at 3. Three men from different addresses travelling in the same car who had just returned from a fast food outlet when they were pulled over in Roxburgh Park after curfew. License this article, woman smashes face on webcam. Coronavirus pandemic Victoria Police Violence, woman smashes face on webcam. Simone Fox Koob Email. Jewel Topsfield Facebook Twitter Email.

Psycho Woman Runs Knife On Car And Smashes Her Face On Windshield Over Random Dispute
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