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I have to agree with this. There is no way at all he would be around my boys either. Close menu. Am I pregnant? Toddlers years Tween and teens.

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Open amateur family incest webcam videos. Netmums Forum:. Incest and pornography. This is the place to chat about your relationships with your in-laws, parents and other relatives, and get support from others who understand whatever it is you're going through. Log in Register. Last page in thread. Hi I have recently discovered my partner has a 'thing' for Mothers having sex with their sons and he has viewed pornography of that type, amateur family incest webcam videos.

I also know a fantasy of his is to have a Mother and daughter together. Sorry to be blunt but I have children that are amateur family incest webcam videos his and it makes me feel uncomfortable. He recently insinuated that my eight year old is homosexual.

I found this really inappropriate. Thoughts please, I over react a lot and I wonder how other parents would feel about the above, amateur family incest webcam videos. Many thanks Hi I have recently discovered my partner has a article source for Mothers having sex with their sons and he has viewed pornography of that type.

Many thanks. Your browser cannot play this video. Zoe T I personally would of got rid of him, that's really messed amateur family incest webcam videos People will come along and say it's just a fantasy but crazy sick stuff always starts somewhere.

I wouldn't have anyone that has thoughts like that around my children. Has he ever sought help with this? Amanda N Zoe T wrote: I personally would of got rid of him, that's really messed up!!!!! Thanks for your input. I don't know if it's something go here thinks about regularly or not but I know if I asked, he would say no. He knows I think it's sick.

Decide if link risk to your children is worth having this web page there, obviously no decent parent would have him there.

Could you imagine the worse happened Only one way this can go really you need to end it with him. Incest see more a crime and I really think the warning bells should be sounding. He really needs to amateur family incest webcam videos this fantasy before it becomes a reality. By just watching those images he is in my view already half way there to acting it out. Don't think for one moment that the youngsters he has been watching are willing participants.

They probably just click for source been threatened with violence if they don't. Is that freely available on the internet or has he been paying to watch it? I would get rid of him to protect your children, amateur family incest webcam videos. If he wants to go down that road he can do it away from you.

You need to act on this otherwise your children will be scared by this. Deleted profile. Sorry but i have to say incest and paedophilia are not the same thing!

Unless, op do you know if thr daughters and sons ect are youngsters?? Or adults?? I dont think it amateur family incest webcam videos been paid for, I even wonder if it would have been actors. But still, actors or not, amateur family incest webcam videos, it's wrong. He is so good in other ways. I know he will get cross and think I'm being ridiculous. Definitely adults.

There's no way he would look at children in that light. Quote: Sorry but i have to say incest and paedophilia are not the same thing! Collette S I think I need to highlight that it would have been adults, not children. I said about not having him anywhere near my boys due to trying to make out an 8 year old is a homosexual.

I was unsure about the rest of the posts. The OP said she feels uncomfortable as her children aren't his, I'd go with my gut. I am guess you found this out by looking at his computer? Or phone? On his phone. I have a hatred for pornography and he apparently doesn't watch it anymore. I came across his data usage and it showed me sites that data had been used on.

I couldn't see the content, only website addresses. Huge amounts of please click for source, transsexuals, he-she's, and amateur family incest webcam videos.

He says it must have been from before he promised not to watch it anymore. Go to: Divorce and separation Family and other relationships Fashion and style Hair and beauty Lifestyle Relationships course Sex and relationships Bicurious Sexual go here and contraception Weddings.

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Close Overlay Search Netmums. Keywords Search. Sta50jgz Guest. Advertising Your browser cannot play this video. Show more Show less I have to agree with this. Liz17kba Guest. Seriously depressed and heartbroken. I have no sex drive and its ruining my relationship :. Angry husband Always negative and verbally abusive. Just so low. Want to end marriage but scared and don't want to hurt my husband. My relationship is falling apart and husband doesn't realise!

I hate where I live and I feel trapped. HELP stuck in a rut and starting to hate my husband :, amateur family incest webcam videos. Feeling unloved, insecure and not good enough.


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The boys are the sons of Colt family matriarch Betty and her sister Martha. Martha's five children were all the result of relations with a brother, father or other relative. The YouTube recordings contain allegations of beatings while in foster care or residential homes, and claims of threats to kill the Colt family. All five recordings are on one of the Click here family's YouTube channels, and have been amateur family incest webcam videos on social media by Martha Colt.

The five Colt boys who amateur family incest webcam videos the videos - now aged between 13 and 18 - were taken into foster or residential care in amateur family incest webcam videos being removed from the incest clan. All five who feature in amateur family incest webcam videos videos have at one point expressed to authorities their desire to be restored to the care of their mothers.

In the videos - posted on one Colt family member's YouTube channel and one of the clan's matriarch's Facebook pages - the boys claim they have been "bashed", "beaten up", given "a hiding They say they have been threatened with "a bikie gang", that their family will be killed and have been threatened with being stabbed or murdered.

Several of the recordings are hard to understand. Some of the children were found to have here speech when the Colt's squalid rural NSW camp was discovered in The living area of the farm "smelt of urine and faeces" which lay in open buckets among the sleeping areas, and was also populated by about 20 dogs.

The five boys who made the video recordings - Billy, Brian, Karl, Jed and Dwayne Colt - had fungal infections, decayed teeth and misaligned eyes or misshapen features when found in the hills in the tiny hamlet of Boorowa.

The YouTube videos are made under the boys' real names, which news. However, amateur family incest webcam videos, news. The children among the 38 Colt family members living on the filthy remote property did not know how to use toilet paper, a toothbrush or shower, and had bed-wetting and hearing problems.

They were years behind at school if they had attended at all, amateur family incest webcam videos, they tortured the genitalia of animals and had sex on the farm with their cousins, uncles and aunts. On Facebook, Martha Colt has posted a comment on one of the YouTube videos of one of the boys saying he was getting "a beating for having a weak bladder".

Along with Betty Colt, 51, amateur family incest webcam videos of their siblings, and Betty's daughter Raylene and her nephew are now in custody in NSW facing charges. Among the charges levelled at the Colt males are sexual intercourse with a child under 10, incest, indecent assault, and sexual intercourse with a child under As revealed exclusively by news.

In the YouTube recordings by the Colt children, Betty's son Billy Colt claims that while in residential care people "threaten they're going to kill my family". Billy and his older brother Bobby were the subject of an aborted kidnap attempt from care by mother Betty in In phone conversations between Betty and Bobby, she said she was going to take them from care off to South Australia, where Betty was arrested this month.

In one conversation, Betty told Bobby his voice is "sexy" and that she couldn't wait to be reunited with him and Billy. She told Bobby that the boys could be restored to her care amateur family incest webcam videos they turned 16, rather than The brothers were taken into care in rural NSW together with their cousins, Martha's sons Jed and Karl, after authorities removed 12 of the Colt children six years ago.

Betty's sons Brian and Dwayne were placed with Martha's son Albert, although Albert was removed later due to his behaviour. Martha posted on Facebook two years ago a plaintive message with her mobile number and a photograph of Albert saying she was "still looking" for him. They were posted online by Martha Colt, who wrote on Facebook: "I can only hope these boys can get the help they need to put a stop abuse [sic].

She also posted alongside the video made by her son Karl: "It is sad to hear how this young boy gets a beating for having a weak bladder shawley [sic] they realise it is the beating that is causing it. Now aged 17, Karl is the third of Martha Colt's five children, who are all the result of an incestuous union. His DNA test showed it was likely he was the product of Martha's relationship with a half-sibling, uncle, nephew or grandparent. When Karl was taken from the filthy farm at Boorowa, his mother Martha and uncle Charlie shared the same bed in one of two tents inside a large shed which had a refrigerator with rotten vegetables and hazardous wires up to a generator.

Karl was found to be very underweight, had fungal infections in his toenails and "walked in a shuffling fashion". He needed urgent dental work, had limited reading skills, his speech was "not understandable", he had a hearing impairment, amateur family incest webcam videos, and reportedly had sex with his younger sister Ruth.

After being taken into care, he threatened to stab staff with pencils, and to cut their throats. On his YouTube video, amateur family incest webcam videos, wearing a black hat and shirt, Karl speaks blog cam webcam recorded 43 seconds in a hesitant voice, sometimes indistinct. When the report was published, Jed was 14 while Ruth was just seven. On being removed from the Colt camp inJed presented with a bacterial infection on the soles of his feet, a tongue infection and fungal amateur family incest webcam videos in his toes.

He had a severe hearing impairment, "needed encouragement in respect of personal hygiene" and urgent dental work. His speech was not understandable. He presented as cognitively impaired. He had limited reading skills," the Children's Court report read. Jed and Karl disclosed to their carers that they used to torture animals at the farm, including puppies and cats. They reported mutilating the genitalia of animals. In the YouTube video, which is the longest of the Colt boys' recordings, Jed's diction is so indistinct as to be like a dialect rather than English.

He talks about it being "tough", amateur family incest webcam videos, someone "wanted money" and "the boys", saying "why make the boys upset". He was taken from the farm where the children and adults dwelt in four living areas, including two dirt-caked caravans with cigarette butts on the floor and broken windows. His cognitive capacity was in the extremely low range of intelligence, and he demonstrated considerable academic delay. Taken into care, he and brother Dwayne tied up their carers' 18 year-old granddaughter with ribbons.

In his YouTube video, Brian is wearing a white and black shirt and casting his eyes nervously away from the camera as he speaks. He says: "I always get threatened, get beaten up, threatened to get killed, always get threatened about the family.

Always beat up on the this web page guys After being taken into care at the age of eight, Dwayne told workers that he watched his brothers and cousins play with themselves using "rudey amateur family incest webcam videos. He also said that he had sex with an eight-year-old girl in the toilets behind the primary school. The Children's Court report claimed he had intercourse with his sister who was a year younger.

Dwayne told his carers that he and his siblings were told never to tell anyone that his father was in fact Betty Colt's father, as Betty Colt would go to jail because her father had started having sex with her when she was After his placement in care, authorities recommended read more be treated for sexualised behaviour and, like his brothers Billy, Bobby and Brian, have no further contact with their cousin Cindy now aged around nine.

In his YouTube video, Dwayne wears a back to front cap and a white jacket over a black T-shirt. He constantly looks away from the camera and speaks in a timid voice. Billy is now over 18 years old, and Betty's tenth child. His father is not as close a relation as that of his older brother Bobby.

Carers were told by Billy's young relatives that he and Bobby had sexually abused girls on the farm and click brothers admitted to mutilating animals. His younger sister said that he, Brian and Dwayne had taken her and their niece Kimberly into the bush and tied them to a tree and taken their clothes off. When found and removed by authorities, Billy had a skin condition, fungal toenail infections, required urgent dental work, had mild hearing loss and his speech was not understandable.

He had a moderate intellectual disability, with poor spelling, reading, verbal and numeracy skills. Billy's video contains the most detailed allegations and is the most distinct, indicating his speech has improved. After saying staff "threatened us" to kill, stab, or send a bikie gang, Billy says: "They're gonna run us over with a car. Before moving to the Boorowa farm, the Colt family lived in remote parts of Western Australia amateur family incest webcam videos South Australia, where six family members were arrested this month and returned to NSW.

All of the are hot webcam girl dildo mistaken Colt children who were removed from the farm in were taken into care in NSW until they pussy huge porn black the age of Horny old women on webcam the time, Magistrate Margaret McGlynn said the Colt children's identities needed to be protected as they made friends at school and remained free amateur family incest webcam videos being judged.

In MarchMartha Colt posted on Facebook a picture of her eldest child Albert, then aged about 17, with the plea: "Please help me find my son. I am now very worried about you if you see this please call me on [mobile number] Love Mum.

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The videos, obtained exclusively by source. Police arrest a Colt family member in South Australia earlier this month.

Picture: NSW Police. The remote campsite in southern NSW, where the family was found living in filth. The secret Colt family camp in the hills was putrid and dangerous for children who were oversexualised. The Colt family tree. Karl Colt, son of Martha Colt, threatened to stab staff with pencils in care, where he now says he was bashed.

One of the Colt incest family tents where children slept among open buckets of urine click at this page faeces. Dwayne Colt demonstrated amateur family incest webcam videos behaviour when taken into care.

Billy Colt. Amateur family incest webcam videos remote farm near Boorowa where the Colt incest family lived until they were discovered has now been turned into a playground. One of the Colt family members is arrested in the Griffith area this month.

Link Colt being led away after being found guilty in a kidnap plot of her sons Billy and Bobby. Martha Colt with her youngest children before they were removed from her care. Subscriber Exclusives. Just In. NZ Election: Opposition concedes defeat 1.

Premium Content Hazard reduction burn goes out of control 2. Premium Content More young Aussies rely on bank of mum and dad. Premium Content Deb Frecklington lashes anti-vaxxers 2. Top Stories, amateur family incest webcam videos.

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Sorry but i have to say incest and paedophilia are not the same thing! Top Stories. Before moving to the Boorowa farm, the Colt family lived in remote parts of Western Australia and South Australia, where six family members were arrested this month and returned to NSW.
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