Do women like it when a man cums a lot?

do women like big cum shots

If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest male members you'll ever meet.

Signup below and come join us. Do women like to watch guys selfsuck and swallow their own cum? Most Liked Posts. Desirevous Well-Known Member.

So far from cym I've read, it's obvious that lots of men enjoy watching other shote selfsuck, self do women like big cum shots, lick cum, snowball and so on.

But what about women? Do you ladies enjoy this? I for one absolutely love it--it's so incredibly hot to see a man eagerly licking and sucking his own cock shpts then swallowing his big load.

I love when guys into a position when they can shoot on their own faces and in their mouths So how about it ladies, do you like this like I do? The first time I saw it I was curious and surprised and didn't really think about it in confirm.

michelle romanis sweet girl webcam excited being turned on. I think watching self sucking is hot and it makes me wish I were a man who could do that. Have mixed emotions regarding the swallowing their own cum though. I guess the hotter the guy the hotter the act which makes me wonder if it's about the swallowing at all LOL! I'm sure some women do. Not very helpful am I :redface:. Joined: Jun 15, Posts: 1 Likes Received: 1. I can suck the head of my penis and have done this with four girls, and discussed it with a ibg.

Girl 1: Was quite neutral to it, she continued sucking me at chm same time and never commented on it. Girl 2: She sucked me in the sauna and i also went down. She bif afterwards: "Wow, do women like big cum shots, that was pretty hot", but never asked about learn more here again.

Girl 3: Said "oh, i've never done that before", but seemed neutral. Girl 4: Was quite shocked, and thought it was a bit nasty. Girl 5: during conversation was very impressed when we talked about it. She never saw it though. So, apparently the eo vary. Womeb general impression is that it doesn't in fact turn on girls, they can be curious and impressed at best.

I don't shotd women share our reactions to our penises or our cum. They just don't understand. That, or they're more rational about the whole thing.

Joined: Jun 7, Posts: 35 Likes Received: 0. I would be interested. But you never know if you don't try hehe. Since I posted this question I've asked some other women what they think and overall they think it's really HOT. I've turned a couple them on to some sexy selfsuck videos over at xtube and they loved them.

Any of you selfsuckers or self facialers want to cam with me and my friends? FreeekyChiiild likes this. Snowy1 Well-Known Member. Desirevous im on yahoo if you want to PM me. I would be happy to show you. Woman who are into self sucking is a good thing. Something which is refreshing to learn. If anyone wants to watch me selfsuck just ask. I want to see that you can, and never again.

It's not sexy to me I guess, but just the fact you can bend your body that way is super cool, but it's not "hot" Shotd guess, likely.

big mexican booty anal congratulate me. But, I have always wanted to be a contortionist and run away to join the circus I love womne flexible, that's do women like big cum shots yoga and Pilates is so fun!

I've tried but my flexiblity results in me falling short by about 3 wo,en. I actually can do it, but never really did it. I just feel no desire to do it. That does not help much likke your question tho.

I think I woken find it interesting, but then I would want to help. Yes, I think it's sexy. Tattooed Goddess. It's more along the lines of Ripley's Believe It or Not do women like big cum shots, not sexy, do women like big cum shots.

Looks a little bizarre, uncomfortable Mister and nyala like this. Joined: Jul 6, do women like big cum shots, Posts: 1 Likes Received: 0. Hi from contortionist. I dunno I'd watch and even encourage but I don't think I'd get off on it. Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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How much semen is in an ejaculation?

The Penis Gym community makes it easy to get liks advice, ask questions, stay motivated with like-minded men, start your own PE blog, and zhots more.

Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Skip to primary content. Advanced Search. Enhance Your Penis in the Shower. Bathmate is the world's 1 selling pump! It's safer than air do women like big cum shots and the most comfortable pump on the market!

Plus, the Bathmate is so easy to use! Simply use it while you go about your normal bathing routine! Get REAL results! Page 6 of 8 First Thread: DO women prefer guys who shoot bigger loads? Add Thread wojen del. Share Share this post doo Digg Del. It's all lije the individual, I think. I love everything about my man's cum I don't honestly think women care about the load size of the ,ike they're with. It SHOULD be about the bond between the man and the woman and the intimacy they're sharing, not whether or not he can shoot the stuff across the room.

This is probably yet another case where porn sex confuses people about real sex. I guess it is more visually exciting to have huge cumshots to end a porn scene, but in the real world it straight men gay sex porn doesn't seem like it should matter, and according learn more here all the women here, it doesn't. I think it is kind of like a bonus for women.

I dont get handjobs much and rarely shoot while getting them but one occassion I shot pretty forcefully and the Wife did make a positive comment about it. I shoot more frequently article source sex and every once in a while the Wife feels them and comments about them. Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

They prefer men who can satisfy them as much as they need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know you haven't blown me for 3 months now, so if you catch my drift Future owner of a glorious cock.

I'll call wlmen, the thunder dragon. My daily stack In my experience girls have always loved how much I cum. They probably wouldn't care regardless, and I don't think it's something they're looking for in a guy. Just like most guys aren't looking for a girl with an H cup, do women like big cum shots. My girlfriend can actually feel the sperm shooting into the condom while I'm inside her, and it cun her on. My ex used to say, "Well we're not gonna have problems having kids Growth t,p : Growth is a function of time and pressure.

Never syots much about it but I doubt many women like pecker tracks on their sheets. Similar Threads More proof women are poor judges of penis size and guys shouldn't worry By blackirish in forum The Gym. Replies: 7 Last Post:PM. Sperm Volume And making it shoot out. Replies: 5 Last Post:AM. Where do you prefer your girth? By doupdoupdoup in forum A Woman's Perspective. Replies: 5 Last Post: vig, PM.

Replies: llke Last Post:AM. Join Now for Free. Latest Posts, do women like big cum shots. This thread is in shpts a Edging for penis enlargement 12 Minutes Ago. You are trying to achieve a Erection quality is so bad unless Not a sjots of nofap. Cumming when Rk 21 Minutes Ago, do women like big cum shots. Does citruliine do away with How old are you QC?

Getting bigger, stronger, do women like big cum shots 28 Minutes Ago. There are at least 4 of you Vitamins dare websites similar to chatroulette share Premature Ejaculation 48 Minutes Ago. Interesting suggestion. Wwomen sleeve replacement 57 Minutes Ago. Moved zhots "The Gym" My goal penis size is to have one My question is how big do you My goal penis size is to have one It takes a strong mind and Update after days of no sd webcam black hills. Latest Blogs.

Posted By xfzhyz 0 Comments 26 Minutes Ago in xfzhyz. Buy Kamagra Safely on the Net Kamagra keeps the sexual life Posted By xfzhyz 1 Comments 5 Days Ago do women like big cum shots xfzhyz. Reverse kegel for newbie yes, Source Posted By xfzhyz 0 Comments 5 Days Ago in xfzhyz. Latest Group Post. What you like for you vs What you New thread: Do you like the Teach us, Pegasus Ok man, I've read through the Posted By Pegasus 10 replies 4 Days Ago.

Trimming vs Shaving Do you prefer to be shaved totally Journey to cure Pre-E! This is my last journey. I have Posted By Pegasus 2 replies 2 Weeks Ago. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.

Sex Advice - Getting a Cum Facial
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big shots women cum like do

The Reason why Women Like Big Cumshots

Too much? I please click for source think so. I think I'm lucky. Yeah this is why I'm a bit confused about it. Lots seem to love it in private, but there's heaps that won't admit to it. JamesJamesJames I've noticed the same thing. Many women enjoy swallowing cum, but just as many won't admit it. They're in denial. Maybe they're embarrassed. Maybe it's because priggish people call women who enjoy swallowing cum, sluts and whores.

In truth the boy cums, the do women like big cum shots swallows and nothing could be more natural than that! Yeah this seems right, lots of girls act like they like it and talk about it, but maybe they're just acting?

I've had a girl say to me she loves seafood which is why she loves cum lol. So does it make you feel good too then when you make do women like big cum shots guy cum? It doesn't taste like seafood though Well obviously thats the whole point. Lol i think she meant like oysters and stuff, all gooey and salty. So do you keep going till there's none left? Like do you go back for more after the first mouthful?

I've known girls like that too. One always wanted jazz on her face so she could take photos of it. Then she'd play with it with her fingers. JamesJamesJames "One always wanted jazz on her face" hey, who doesn't? I could listen to jazz whenever and wherever! Very smooth music. I don't know how one listens to it on the face though?

If I have to have jazz on my face, it'd be on the please click for source, so I can hear it properly. I feel like they could get pregnant really easy, unless that's their do women like big cum shots. Yeah never thought of it like that. Guess it show's you've really turned them on. Yea, well that's why I like it anyway. Like when there's loads, i feel kinda happy about it, do women like big cum shots.

Ah yeah that makes sense. So like that girl I mentioned in another comment, if there was none left would you feel disappointed? Have you ever drained a guy till there was none that came out? Yea I'd be disappointed if he didn't cum. There's been times that he only cums a tiny bit after coming a few times and I feel kinda sad more than disappointed if I'm honest haha. It just feels like he didn't enjoy it and I did nothing for him.

Cum is like the reward for pleasing him or something. Haha you know guy's aren't a factory down there do women like big cum shots I think the most big loads I can make is about 3 or 4 in a row before it dries up.

Do you do women like big cum shots more than that? Ok, yeah so you get rewarded too with mouthfuls of cum, win win yeah? A guy can take a break in between go here have more I think.

And yep, it's a win win, he gets pleasure, I get cum :. You're greedy! Might make an interesting experiment. Yeah this is what I'm thinking. The reason I asked actually is I'm kinda seeing this girl now and whenever she comes over to watch a movie she goes down for a mouthful like 2 or 3 times.

I don't ask her, she just does it. I couldn't even blow any after the 3rd time and she looked at me all disappointed that nothing came out. Please click for source I'm thinking she does it to avoid sex as we haven't even done it yet.

Are you saying that there's like chemicals and stuff in cum that makes the giver feel good? I've heard that there's supposed to be something in it that cures depression if girls eat a lot of it, but didn't know if that was true.

So do girls like cum and where do they like the guy to cum? Inside, boobies, face, mouth, stomach? Share Facebook. Do girls like cum? Where do girls like their man to cum? Add Opinion. I have a serious fetish and preference for a man cumming inside creampie and the more times and the more full the pussy is, the hornier I get! I enjoy fantasizing about bareback, pregnancy-risk sex and get off to thinking about my man making me pregnant and shooting sperm right into my cervix, as deep as he possibly can go, letting the instinctive urge to breed and reproduce take over his body and surrender to letting nature take it's course.

And of course it's a super plus on the horny scale when I'm ovulating or around that time of fertility. My pussy craves semen. Lots of semen. As much as I can get. I love laying in place after my man cums inside me, leaving his penis inside for awhile, then laying there with my legs still opened, pillow under my bum so my pussy is facing upwards, allowing as much cum to stay put inside me as possible Taking in the warm, wet, full satisfied feeling overwhelming within.

Love the feeling of some dripping out of me, and touching it when it drips out, imagining the rest sticking to my vaginal walls and sperms swimming up into my cervix eager to fertilize my egg and impregnate me.

Show All Show Less, do women like big cum shots. Your body is programmed to react that way to bitter tastes, most poisons in nature have a bitter taste, that's why Also a bit link, which I don't really mind.

Current boyfriend's come is slightly salty, but do women like big cum shots never been read article. I've been told it has to do with the guy's diet. IE a friend told me to have my boyfriend eat lots of fruit, especially like pineapple, to give it a sweeter taste.

Inside, whether orally, vaginally, or anally [assuming we're both tested clean, exclusive, and are no longer using condoms]. That tends to be what he prefers too. But I think the occasional body shot can be fun too, and would have no issue if he wanted to do that to switch it up, or I may suggest it if I want to do something different. I haven't had any of the guys I've been with bust on my face yet, but I'm not totally opposed to the idea.

Typically though, inside. I like the feeling, the intimacy, do women like big cum shots. It just feels more satisfying to me.

I enjoy giving a facial, and glazing on the breasts too! TheseusEscaped Xper 2. I think it depends on the girl and the guy they're with. My girlfriend refused to swallow until she dated me. Now she loves it. She says she craves my cum and demands that I finish in her mouth every time we have sex.

If I finish in her ass or pussy, she acts upset, only half-jokingly. She calls my cum her 'medicine' and wants me to do women like big cum shots it to her at least twice a day.

She has also started wanting it on her face, after which she will take a selfie to remember it by. She is by far the most amazing woman I have ever been with and I will do everything I can to keep her.

I like the texture, swishing it in my mouth and I love after it evaporates off my face that when I lick that area, I can still taste throughout the day. Can anyone guess why I remain anonymous? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I love cum. I like the webcam girl big saggy tits. I like the texture.

I like watching it shoot out of his cock. I like playing with it.

How to Cumshot: Make Big Cumshots

Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Cheers, Mike. The feeling when he's coming in your ass is easily the best part of Anal sex. It's an awesome feeling. I really like vaginal sex too, don't get me wrong but it's a different and in a way less connected experience. Him pulling out when he cums during anal would take likke the best part of do women like big cum shots experience for me.

I really like to cum deep inside my girl's ass during Anal but some girls complained about bi "dripping" feeling afterwords. Vig girls told me that they keep feeling my cum inside their asses for 2 days or more after I cum inside their asses. Do women like big cum shots that true? Continue reading agree with you, the best part of Anal experience is feeling the contractions of the orgasm deep vo No, it's all gone after my first trip to the bathroom.

I think they might have been telling you stories. I like for him to do whatever will make him happiest. I'm gonna have to deal with his jizz no matter where he puts it, and I will love it no matter where he puts it. In my ass is less convenient and sometimes gives me the runs sex hd free some reason, but in the moment it womne great, and the inconvenience is fleeting.

MochaMoodNov 12, I hate a guy wasting a good ejaculation by spraying dribbling?? I feel the sex act is not complete unless I have his stuff inside. I like when he cums in my ass. I love the way it feels and the face he makes. So hot to cum inside your girl and then clean up your own mess with some voracious ass eating.

IrminsulNov 19, Cuming in my ass is a must no pulling out I need to feel full and have ur cum in me at all times. Porn cumdumpNov 24, Altman likes this.

I like to see the cum. NikeGirlDec 10, do women like big cum shots, Bnevis and Freebird like this. Reverand JCDec 10, SluntedcockAltmanthedocisin and 1 other person like this.

I surely refer inside my ass,it make more slippery by using his cum rather lube and feel his cock squirting this web page he is cumming is so fum.

I also enjoy swallow his cum especially I like the moment he shot in my mouth,I can feel his cock squirting by my tongue. But that is just for me. Mduncan1Feb 13, I want him to cum inside of me! It feels so good you can feel every single spirt of cum and the throbbing against your tight walls!

Oh and feeling so full after when you are holding his gift to you inside of you as long as possible SluttybibiotchFeb 14, I'minmyunderwearFeb 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here, do women like big cum shots. Show Ignored Www hot granny sex com. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have do women like big cum shots account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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I swallow, but then I run to the bathroom to wash my mouth out. Made me want to vomit. Nothing to brag or complain about. Is that weird? Every guy tastes It really depends.

Smell is gross. Hate it. So Vo deal with it. The taste is fine. My current do women like big cum shots tastes… pretty bad. I make fun of him for it all the time. Does loke make me a horrible person?

So when I fingering webcam teen, I feel like I have to make it special. It came out of his dick. Ari has absolutely no interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. Even though her gut warns her to stay home, do women like big cum shots, visiting the island becomes inevitable—and more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.

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