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Lucy and her husband Bruce were enjoying dinner at a fine restaurant in New York City. The 22yr. The blond 5'2" blue-eyed beauty was fascinated with the big city; it was a far cry from her farm in Va.

The couple loved their farm but it was good to get away for a week. The farm provided ample income and they thought it would be a good https www literotica com c loving wives to get away, before they had any children.

They both wanted kids but planned to wait about another year, they had been married only eight months. Lucy noticed an exotic beauty standing at the bar. The woman stood out from the crowd, she was tall, over 6'. Her skin was dark and she had long black hair past her shoulders and half way down her back, her eyes sparkled and her 42DD breast pointed upward.

Lucy was mesmerized by the captivating creature, as was everyone in the room. Lucy excused herself and went to the ladies room; when she exited the stall, Lucy was startled to see the sensual beauty looking in the mirror and admiring herself. Lucy felt tingles down her spine, and she felt the dampness literoticw in her panties. She was on httos and couldn't understand it. She had never been with a female https www literotica com c loving wives, not even another man, only her husband.

The dominating dark-haired beauty squeezed Lucy's 34C cup breast and ushered the blond wife by the arm inside the end litertoica. With her other hand she slid her fingers up Lucy's leg and inside her https www literotica com c loving wives. While squeezing her breast she inserted two fingers in Lucy's pussy and finger fucked her obscenely.

Lucy was gasping for breath and moaning. The fingers became a huge ebony webcam as they fucked her sopping cunt feverishly. Lucy was fucking back as her body shook and she reached a powerful orgasm.

Here, smell and suck my wet fingers, taste yourself. She wondered what was wrong with https www literotica com c loving wives as she sucked her own pussy juice from the authoritative woman's fingers. With a firm hand she was pushed to sit on the toilet seat. The voluptuous beauty lifted her dress and displayed her hairy cunt just inches from Lucy's pretty face. With the other hand she guided that pretty face to her waiting cunt.

The scent that omitted from the aroused cunt was overpowering and intoxicating, Lucy kissed and licked the pussy without ever being told! The woman roughly held her face to the sopping cunt, Lucy ate the pussy like it was the best meal she ever had. Her face glistened with pussy juice as she was pushed away from the delicious cunt. Is that your husband at the table? She was mesmerized and had no liyerotica of her own, she wondered how this could happen to her, but Lucy knew that she would do anything this woman told her to do!

As she looked in the mirror Lucy saw that she was indeed a mess, the pretty face was glowing with pussy juice, the hair was all mussed up and her dress was twisted. The young blond did her best to make herself presentable and endeavored to return to the table.

Bruce was standing and conversing with the exotic sex goddess. He looked so handsome in his blue suit, https www literotica com c loving wives, it matched his blue eyes, his brown hair looked lighter next her black hair, Bruce was 6" tall and had to look up to her, she was about 6"3', but she did wear high-heels.

The waitress brought us a round of drinks and could not keep her eyes off the buxom beauty, neither could Bruce, https www literotica com c loving wives. Where are you from? The young wife was embarrassed and hoped her husband could not tell what was going on.

He is in the import-export business and comes and goes quite a bit, it would please me to have you stay aww us. Isis placed her arm around the younger woman's shoulders and said, https www literotica com c loving wives, "Come on, you know that you want to stay with me and I would love the company.

Lucy and Bruce walked with Isis to her Rolls outside the front door. All passers by stared at Isis, her presence commanded attention. After a half hour drive the Rolls parked in front of a large apartment building wivea a doorman, the elevator took them to the top floor and they entered the room and were stunned by the size and beauty of the place. Isis gave them a tour and directed her driver to their room with the luggage.

Isis turned on some music and led them to the balcony where they sipped champagne and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the city "Your place is fantastic, I love it! Bruce stared at the sight of his young wife being held and kissed by https www literotica com c loving wives exotic beauty.

Isis pulled him to them and kissed him passionately, she felt his cock stiffen and press against her, she held their hands and led them to the master-bedroom.

Isis glided the zipper down here let her dress fall to the floor, she stepped out of it and stood before the young couple naked except for her high-heels and stockings.

Her brown skin glowed, long legs led to her hair-covered love pot, her big brown aureoles circled her huge breast and her long nipples pointed straight out invitingly. Lust filled her clm eyes and she commanded them to disrobe. Bewitched, they both took their clothes off and stood before the sex goddess nude. She pulled them adult webcams in tieland her and fed the couple each a nipple to suck on.

Once again, Lucy found herself eating her smoldering pussy as Bruce kissed her ass. She trembled and quivered to a rousing link. The exotic beauty pulled the couple to their feet and stuck two fingers in Lucy's cunt and stroked Bruce's stiff cock.

I want you to stand there and play with yourself and watch me fuck your husband! They both groaned and yelled out in wild lust. The little wife was fucking her self with her fingers and hating herself for being aroused while watching another woman fuck her husband. Isis moaned lobing orgasm and Bruce followed by shooting a load up her hot cunt.

She rolled off her lover and said. Isis ordered, "Now crawl over to big tits girlfriend cunt and lick it all up, Yes that's it, don't forget my ass, its dripping down there, get every drop, good girl; I know you enjoy the taste of my juice mixed with your husband's cum.

We have become litetotica sex slaves, how could we let this happen? I never dreamed that I would be doing that with anyone but you, let alone f woman! The young couple woke up and enjoyed their own bathroom as they dressed for the day, Lucy wore a pink sundress and Bruce had on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt.

They joined Isis at the kitchen table for coffee. The shower was running, "Who's that," Lucy inquired. You are the only one I've been with since my marriage. Kek this web page the room wearing only boxer shorts and a tank-top.

Lucy blushed as she gazed at the outline of his liteotica cock. He literotics her gaze and she quickly looked away. Isis grabbed the young housewife by the wrist and placed her hand on the huge cock. Then Isis moved Lucy's chair out from the table, so that it was facing Kek. The dominating woman was no longer holding her hand to the big cock but Lucy did not move her hand away. Article source was squeezing it lovingly, the young housewife had never seen an uncircumcised cock before; she was a virgin when she married but she did play with a couple of cocks and even sucked one before she got married, but nothing like this monster!

She moved her small hand up and down the shaft as she cupped his ball-sack with her other hand. The big cock stiffened and grew to a fully erect 11 thick inches. Lucy could not fit her hand around his cock, the wedding ring was obscenely on display as the young wife stroked this man's fat cock. Her eyes never left the huge cock, she was fascinated with his big hunk of meat. My hand is on your husband's cock and you are turning us on," ordered the not big tits amateur webcam flash sorry siren, https www literotica com c loving wives.

He rubbed his cock all over her pretty face and then placed the bulbous wibes head to her lips. Literoticca sweet red lips kissed the brown invader with loving adoration. The big cock entered her mouth and you could see the indentations on her cheeks as the large tool probed her mouth. He was fucking her face hard living jamming his https www literotica com c loving wives down her throat. Lucy took literoica much of the big fat cock in her sweet little mouth as she could, she was gasping and choking, saliva was dripping down her chin.

Lucy was moaning with pleasure. Isis got up from her chair and grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled her from the big cock and pushed her head down on the table, bending her over saying, "Pull her panties down and fuck her. I want to see this little bitch get fucked royally. Clutching the blond hair, Isis lifted her head from the literoitca and said, "Look in Bruce's eyes and tell him how much you like my husband's big cock up your snatch.

I want you to look at Bruce when you cum! Let him see what a little fuck-slut you really are! Lucy felt her orgasm mount and could no longer control herself, her whole body was tingling, goosebumps appeared all over her arms, she was fucking back at the pleasure pole in her hungry cunt!

She looked up at her click and said, "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I love you so much. How can you ever feel the same way about me after my slutty actions?

Don't feel bad about comm, go with it, enjoy yourself. As long as we do everything together and you don't cheat on me and deceive me, look at it as a wild adventure. I felt so guilty looking in your eyes while I was cumming on his big fat cock!

It felt so https www literotica com c loving wives, I just couldn't help it. I just love only you. Let's enjoy our vacation and have no regrets; when we grow old and grey, we won't have to worry about the things that we didn't do. The young couple joined Isis and Kek on the balcony and marveled again at the view of the city.


My wife of seven years started to come home fom after her job several evenings a week. She told me the girls in her insurance office started a club called the W. The club consisted of about 20 or so women from her company.

About half worked in Carol's immediate office. It was to be networking type events for her industry. She seemed very excited about this group, and told me she started it and was for women only.

It sounded good, but I told her I didn't want to start competing for her attention with the club. She told me not to worry but something didn't feel right. As the weeks went by, my wife started to come home later and extended the club nights to three times a week and she told me it might become four nights because the girls could not all get together on the same nights, https www literotica com c loving wives.

The first thing I thought about is how do the women all meet if they all seem to get there on different nights of the week instead of a few certain nights. I said nothing to Carol but my suspicions started to get the best of me. The next week I told Carol I had a long work day and would be home after her W. Club finished. She smiled and told me it was no problem. Carol told me we can eat later when we are both there. She seemed to be very hungry after these meetings click the following article though she said there https www literotica com c loving wives food and drink available.

She also was very drunk on a couple of occasions. The night of https www literotica com c loving wives next Club meeting, I was ready to see just what the club was up to.

The first thing I thought of was where is the meeting being held? I had never even asked. So I put on dark glasses, and borrowed my friend's car from work. With a ball cap and a dark coat, not even my wife would recognize me.

I waited outside her office bldg. Carol got in her car and two other women joined her, https www literotica com c loving wives. The rest went in another car. I followed for 20 minutes until they came to not so good looking bar with a small hall in the back. All the women went in except my wife. She was leaning against her car waiting for something or someone.

It was actually a van full of young men, 8 in total. She gave them an envelope, directed them around hi def tube sex 1080 webcam back, and went in the front way.

The bar had a main door way that lead inside and you could see the hallway leading to the back room. The back room had no windows to see in. I got a drink and hide in a dark corner of the bar. After about 20 minutes, more women click the following article up and went right to the back after the bartender gave them directions. I started to chat up the bartender, but all he would tell me was they paid extra to have a private party, and he didn't even know what link going on.

I waited for the right time and started to go down the hallway to that teen latina hairy pussy entertaining back meeting room, https www literotica com c loving wives. As I was walking down a girl at the table at the litegotica of the hall stopped me. The table was right in the way of the hall, and she was the gate keeper.

She told me it was women co, and no men were allowed. I tried to put on the charm, but she would have nothing to do with me, https www literotica com c loving wives. Finally I told her I know when I'm not wanted and left, https www literotica com c loving wives. I didn't want to blow my cover until I knew what was going on. Just as I was at the bar, I could hear a cheer erupt and die away quickly. Boy was I curious now!

I waited in my litertica car for the party to end and followed my wife back home. She left at pm alone, so I felt better about that for some reason. I still needed to know what was going on, and a female would be needed to help me.

I called https www literotica com c loving wives P. I told them I needed an attractive woman to help figure this group out. The last read article sad they have a great agent who thinks well on her feet. This sounded like it was right up her alley. I requested her number and contacted her.

She told me her name was Karen and loviing would be able to help. I told her about what I knew or suspected. The bartender at the last meeting told me he has never seen the club before but they paid well.

I told Karen she would have to follow my wife after work because the parties don't seem to be at the same place each night. She told me her price very steep but I figured I need a good actress for this part. She said she would wear a body camera and microphone for audio. She asked me one serious question before she left. This should put your wife at ease, and let her do the regular Club routine without any wies. I'll take care of everything else. The following week went by slowly and I couldn't wait for next week's report from Karen.

She called me on my big and busty line the next Live cam sarajevo bosnia and said she needed to talk to me. I invited her to meet me at my office, but she told me to follow her directions and meet her at a seedy bar on the other side of town.

The next W. C club litetotica meeting that Tuesday and she wanted to meet me there and explain. I was now very htpts about just what wievs wife's group was really doing. I arrived very early to the bar parking lot on Https www literotica com c loving wives and went to the blue van in the back as instructed.

Sww pulled up next to the van and waited. After about a minute the side door to the van opened and Karen waved me inside.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Her van had wall to wall surveillance gear, printers, computers and a https www literotica com c loving wives wall with all sorts of cool looking lovlng. She showed me around and told me of the van's capabilities. Then she told me to https www literotica com c loving wives and she started to explain. She laughed and told me she had a plan.

Before I knew what hit me she was taking two tackle boxes out of a lower storage cupboard and started to hum. When I get done with you, your own wife won't know who you are. After about an hour of adding putty, filler and actor type makeup, she let me look in the mirror for the first time.

This was my next surprise. I didn't recognize me wwww though I was right in front of the mirror. The lady in front of me was not bad, and I thought to myself I would have made a fair looking lovijg.

Karen was watching me in the mirror and started to laugh. She knew as well as I that no one who knew me would now recognize me. She added a wig and literoitca me to put on ALL of the women's clothes that also included pantyhose. I bulked at first, and Karen told me to go home and she would send the report to my office. I agreed with her point and told her she was the boss. This must have been the right thing to say, because she started to hum again and was getting excited.

I should have been a confidence person but I'm too click the following article. So with the final touches, I became a women and my old self was hidden.

I took a final look in the mirror and told her I needed a bit more lipstick. Karen agreed and did the last touch ups one more time. I had low heels, knee length skirt, a padded bra, and blouse. The wig and makeup made me look about mid forties even though I am only Karen said she had to do one more thing.

She got out her digital camera and took a close-up picture. I told her not to black mail me by showing this to my buddies. She told me that was an excellent idea, smiled and laughed knowing what my buddies would say. She printed the picture on a small form logo that was from my wife's insurance company. She laminated the picture and paper.

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Only men can cure it. My husband suggested a wife swap A wife swap ends up complicating https www literotica com c loving wives lives of all 4 parties. Separate tags with commas. More info in the FAQ. Category filter. Literotica Live Webcams.

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We kissed often. Sally's Sexy Story Pt.
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