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Sign In. The Platform Hide Spoilers. TheKing87 8 April I think this movie was very interesting and full of interesting symbolism. I definitely recommend watching this movie.

Webca have read a lot of different understandings of this movie, but I think that a lot of people maybe misunderstood the role of Miharu. So this is my analysis of the movie: In general, the facility represents society. The levels represent society classes and hierarchies.

The protagonist, Goreng, represents a resistance movement who is ready to use threats and violence to secure that there is enough food for everybody. The old man, Trimagasi, represents a supporter webcam girl goes top down bottom up the system. The woman from the administration, Imoguiri, represents a peaceful movement that wants change but is unable to do so.

Miharu who rides down the platform actually represents the upper class se explanation further below. The cellmates believe that the change of levels each month is random. However, the administration does not randomly choose the levels for all prisoners each month.

The administration choses if each prisoner should go up or down the levels each month based on webcam girl goes top down bottom up they have eaten their cellmates or not. If a prisoner is willing to kill his or her cellmate and eat of them then he or she is secured a higher level the next month. This is evidenced a couple of times in the movie: At first Goreng starts on level 48 with Trimagasi and they live peacefully.

Then they move down to level the following month where Goreng ends up killing Trimagasi and eats of him to survive. Then Goreng moves up to level 33 this web page next month where he meets Imoguiri and they live peacefully.

Then they move down to level where Goreng is forced to eat of Imoguiri who has killed herself. Then Goreng finally moves up fop level 6 where he meets Baharat. The woman Miharu who rides down the platform actually represents the webcam girl goes top down bottom up class of society because she knows how to exploit the system. Notice that she always rides down the platform and comes from the top floors article source she is always bloodied and visit web page. That is because she always makes sure to kill and eat her cellmates every month, and that's why she always ends on the top floors.

Miharu rides webcam girl goes top down bottom up the goss to make sure that there is food for the little girl which we assume is her daughter on the bottom floor. Webca, girl is always on the bottom floor month after month, because she has never killed and eaten uup cellmate. Miharu rides down the platform once a month so she has to make sure that there is enough food for the girl because she cannot get up again until the month is over the platform only travels back up to level zero, which prisoners presumably are not allowed to enter.

That's why she killed so many prisoners on her way down. Miharu must have a good reason to ride down the platform every month and that was to take care of the little girl. Miharu has managed to stay on top and alive for long because she knows the system. However, even she succumbs to the system when she is killed in a fight with the prisoners.

Notice that we learn from Imoguiri that she selected Miharu to enter the facility 10 months ago, that she entered alone, and that nobody under 16 years is allowed in the facility. However, we cannot trust Imoguiri's information because she also said that there are levels, which turned out to be false, and the prohibition against under 16 year olds to enter the facility also turned out to be false.

So the question of how the little girl ended in the facility remains unanswered. Perhaps the little girl was born in the webdam or she was thrown in there with her mother.

The movie hints that there is actually enough food for everybody on all floors because the administration puts every prisoner's requested food on the table. This is evidenced when the protagonist gofs interviewed by the administration official about his favorite food snails and that it will be served while he is imprisoned.

We also see that the protagonist sees his requested food for the first time when he is on floor no. He did not get to see his requested food before because those on the upper floors always ate it before it arrived to him. If every prisoner in the facility kept his or her requested food when it arrived at his or her floor, the floor will not turn hot or cold.

This is evidenced by one of the last scenes when the protagonist keeps the Panna Cotta when he is at the girl's floor, which must be the favorite food of the girl. All the prisoners had to do was to take their requested food, and not eat the others' food, so the food would be equally distributed all the way to floor no.

However, the webcam girl goes top down bottom up from the upper floors greedily ate more than their favorite food leaving less to the ones vottom the lower levels. So the main message of the movie just click for source that people are very greedy and are ready to take more than they need, and not black picture webcam much that the system is flawed.

We see adult gay videos the alternative system that the protagonist tries to enforce by distributing little webcam oulx tempo reale to everybody also leads to violence and deaths and is not much better.

The end young ftm shemale creampie the movie is quite vague, but it does have a meaning. At the end, we gkes see what happens to the protagonist, but it is hinted that the protagonist probably dies.

Notice that he was heavily injured and barely got on wevcam platform with the girl, when they reached the bottom, then he suddenly he boottom off and walks normally when he sees the ghost of Trimagasi, webcam girl goes top down bottom up. Jessica lynn free videos girl transports upwards to the top floor at the end of the movie. The protagonist is trying to send a message to the administration by transporting the girl to the top.

Perhaps the message is to show that despite that most people are greedy, there are also some people who are willing to show benevolence and generosity to save others. I think this movie was very interesting. The movie is open to interpretation, and this is of course my point of view and I hope you found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. First of all, I would have never expect to enjoy this movie as much as Dowwn did. It starts slow, with some basic and easy to guess details. A prison, food every day, don't starve. The characters were not very complex and it will not be until, but are the little things the one that will truly play with your feelings.

The movie begins with a very strong social statement. First you hear a number But then they are taken to and so on until they reach the bittom end. The second thing that made me wonder was the fact that the protagonist more info discovered the truth. The kid was not the message, the cake was not the message What is your favorite food? The main character try to avoid this question but the woman insisted upon an answer.

He said "Snails" The feast was composed from all the favorite foods of everyone locked in there. If each prisoner would eat webcxm his favorite food, he would have survived and the food would have been enough for everyone.

But is the human greed and the savage feeling of hunger that made them eat everything. I think rather than focusing on a plot, the movie depicts different edges and human profiles in life, webcam girl goes top down bottom up. The platform is our world, and the administration are the governments, and the levels are click to see more social classes that are created.

The main character Goreng has norms. However, it doesn't take too much until he loses his mind in a corrupt world. He wakes up in the platform with an old man, who is completely aware about the system, and has already completely adapted. When he is up, he eats as tlp as he can and abuses it. When he's down, webcam girl goes top down bottom up, he does everything needed to stay webcam girl goes top down bottom up. The woman that formerly worked for the administration regrets her earlier duties of webcam girl goes top down bottom up people in to the platform, as she 'didn't know' - depicting similar people that work for governments nowadays.

She regrets it, hence sends herself in and tries to change the system by speaking up to the lower level everyday. However, the tone of her message is not enough in the cruel world; Goreng's tone that includes threatening seems to work though. Goreng tries to change the entire system with Baharat.

I think, that ultimately they failed, and that starting from some part of going down I am not sure from whereQebcam starts to hallucinate. Initially, they are trying to send webcam girl goes top down bottom up message to the administration by sending back untouched clean food - which is normally impossible in their system.

They fail in this, but Goreng, imagines a bigger message: in the webcam girl goes top down bottom up levels, no one is interested in voes from the table anyways; they are eating each other. A child that survives the bottom floor would serve as a bigger message, as she is a metaphor to our webcam girl goes top down bottom up norms and ties.

Baharat tried to go up several times, but going up does not have anything to do with willingness. There are always people that are uup to stop you. It is a matter of luck, just like in the movie. One day you wake up in a horrific situation, the other day you are happier. When you are happy or of higher classyou seem to forget about the bad days and lose your emphaty as a human being and exaggerate in every act that you do. The woman that worked for the administration thought that there were levels.

Link movie describes that there is always worse and way more people suffering than they seem to observe - so bad that the world and the governments the woman do not realize or tend to ignore while being part of the system, webcam girl goes top down bottom up.

Overall, I think it was a great movie. I like open endings so that I can draw one myself. The movie is easy to follow, and presented with a simple premise. That everyone is trying to survive in a dystopian system where some people have it good while others have it really bad, for seemingly no reason other than pure luck.

A prison split in levels we learn in the end it is levelswebcam girl goes top down bottom up, and a platform of a gluttonous, exquisite buffet travelling from from top to bottom, stopping for 2 minutes at every level. During that time, please click for source level's 2 prisoners can eat all they want from that buffet.

The Plan To Change Everything: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out
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The problem is that the various forms and contexts this has taken has only now precipitated by reading the book above allowed me to reach a unified hypothesis. The basic idea is that the best the future of human advancement and flourishing is firmly rooted in enabling the bottom people vs. But the reasoning lies in the distinction between evolution and goew. When something is designed and pushed down from the top there is an underlying belief that the few know better than the masses.

It may be true and often is that these few designers know better than most groups of the same number from the masses, but what it ignores is the power of combination. The power of mutation. The power of constant testing. The power of natural selection. And the preferences of the audience are changing in a similar way simultaneously. As their own pieces of wisdom. This idea has me charged up. Get the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

It has a couple of concepts in webcam girl goes top down bottom up, but the most igrl one is the activation and harvesting of greatness within us all. The idea is that if you want to have a great team, you have to empower them. You have to remove their fear, their insecurities, their belief likely gained from numerous previous teams and managers that they are not top-tier contributors. Doing this exponentially? The team is safe. The team is self-supporting. Everyone is there to make the other team members successful.

And there is a mixture of work and personal. Everyone cares about the other on a deep and authentic level. There is NO comparison between the output of this type of team compared to a team where the webam are the only producers of ideas, webcam girl goes top down bottom up, and where the workers simply execute.

And it turns out that AWS itself was actually created as an internal project to enable developers to create and manage their own IT infrastructure. They spin up their own infrastructure using APIs. They are the creators, and everyone else is enabling them. Diversity in the Workplace : The world is just now realizing that having a diverse workforce is a massive advantage. The key to the entire concept is any minor difference in approach, capabilities, perspective, whatever—they all add to the mixture of ideas genes to produce more diverse mutations of output, and thus more interesting and potentially effective output.

Bittom it. Harvest it. Blockchain : The idea of a distributed ledger strikes out at the middle-man. Blockchain is about peer-to-peer exchange.

You have a technology layer in between, but it functions mostly as a facilitator and optimizer. Self-government : The concept also started me thinking about my views on politics. What this unified theory has done for me is crystalize some of my dowh principles and situate them around the bottom-up concept. Then we provide the tools and options for them to make bottoj choices, and we move on. But a key component is personal responsibility; it goes hand-in-hand with the empowerment piece, webcam girl goes top down bottom up.

The founders seem to have had it mostly right in terms of focusing on individuals and them being the center of the union. It gets upleveled a bit with a Republic because of scale issues, but that might be a problem we can increasingly solve with technology. Notes The Google read more on what makes effective team was another big influence on the unified theory of team leadership.

Daniel Miessler. X Curation as a Service. I spend my webcam girl goes top down bottom up reading books a month on security, technology, and society—and about what might be coming next.

Every Monday I send out a list of the best content I've found in the more info week to around 40, people. It'll save you tons of time.

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And while logic tells us we should adjust our behavior to fop things better over time The woman kills herself. Initially, they are trying to send a message to the administration by sending back untouched clean food - which is normally impossible in their system.
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