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News and media source for K-Pop stars TVXQ! & JYJ

July 10, by lovemagnae Translation: Setelah kembali dari di-hack oleh seseorang yang dulunya aku percaya, Aku di-hack kembali oleh orang lainnya. Untuk semuanya yang bersikap baik pikiran apapun tentangku, Aku akan bersikap baik juga padamu! April 2, by lovemagnae Walau ini adalah fotonya 6 tahun yang lalu, tapi ternyata continue reading tetap tidak berubah dan sama seperti yang sekarang, melihat hal ini fans berkomentar, cassiopeia fan club website.

March 25, by junjaehochunisa. Hello reader, rasanya udah lama aku gak ngepost. Itu karena tugas sekolah ada aja tiap hari, jadi gak sempet deh update news di blog ini. Disini aku mau memberitahu kalau aku punya blog khusus FanFiction, jadi bagi kalian yang suka membaca FunFiction silahkan buka:. Ohya, jangan lupa dikomen ya, karena komen sangat membangun. Para author akan semangat cassiopeia fan club website mereka melihat komen dari readernya. Jika kamu berminat menjadi salah satu authornya, bisa diliat persyaratannya diblog tersebut.

February 28, by junjaehochunisa. Alexander dilaporkan telah membahas masalah ini dengan lembaga, dan akhirnya memutuskan untuk meninggalkan group dengan alasan pribadi, dan ingin melanjutkan studinya.

Tapi ketika waktunya tiba, saya akan menceritakan seperti itu. Via: allkpop indtrans:elalolipop asinfansclub. February 21, by junjaehochunisa. February 10, by junjaehochunisa. February girls being tickled on webcam, by lovemagnae Duo ini telah sibuk mempromosikan album baru mereka di Jepang dan Korea, tapi mereka baru-baru ini meluangkan waktu untuk hadir di sebuah acara radio untuk labelmate SM mereka, Shindong.

Perebutan kesempatan untuk bersenang-senang dengan tamu-tamunya, Shindong mendorong mereka untuk memamerkan aegyo mereka. Aku mencintaimu. Disini cassiopeia fan club website bisa menemukan news info ttg dunia kpop. Leave a Comment after You read.

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fan club website cassiopeia

Community for Cassiopeia around the globe!

Their name roughly translates to "Rising Gods of the East". Formed by S. They cassiopeia fan club website immediately launched to mainstream recognition following the release ashley greene videos their first physical single " Hug "which peaked at number four on the MIAK monthly music chart. Their first studio albums Tri-Angle and Rising Sun were both top sellers, pushing the band's popularity beyond Korea. TVXQ rose to international prominence in the late s, after please click for source group achieved critical acclaim in the Korean music industry for their best-selling albums "O"-Jung.

The latter album also contains the pop hit " Mirotic ", touted by international music critics as a staple song of K-pop. However, despite their commercial success, the group plunged into legal turmoil and internal conflict when members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu attempted to split from their Korean agency S. The album spawned two platinum-selling singles, including the long-running hit " Share the World go here. Their first two Japanese albums as a cassiopeia fan club website, Tone and Timesolidified their success in Japan as it forged TVXQ's reputation as one of the top-touring artists in the country.

Selling over 10 million physical records in the first 10 years of their career, click at this page TVXQ have become one of Asia's most successful music acts of their generation.

They are often referred to as source Stars" and the "Kings of K-pop" [7] [8] for their immense success and contributions to the Hallyu. Billboard has described the group as "K-pop royalty". With the disbandment of H. Entertainment had to search for another boy band to compete against other popular idol groups in the growing K-pop market.

In earlyLee eventually selected five teenage boys from four different S. Xiah Junsu, the first to join cassiopeia fan club website new group, became an S. Kangta, Battle of the Centurya series that starred former H. U-Know Yunho, cassiopeia fan club website, who signed with S. Entertainment cassiopeia fan club websitewas a member of several failed project groups throughout his years as a trainee, cassiopeia fan club website.

Inhe was featured as a rapper in Dana 's debut single "Diamond" and briefly toured with her. That same year, Hero Jaejoong auditioned for S. Entertainment and was subsequently accepted into the agency after going through various auditions. Following trainees Heechul and KanginYunho and Jaejoong joined the project group Four Seasons inbut the quartet disbanded when Yunho and Jaejoong were selected to join Lee's new group in Heechul and Kangin went on to debut as members of Super Junior two years later.

Max Changmin, the youngest at age fifteen, was the fourth to join the new band. Micky Yoochun, who started his training only a few months before the group's official debut in Decemberwas the last member to make the cut. The boys received phone calls cassiopeia fan club website Lee and were told to attend a photo shoot session, which turned out to be a briefing for their upcoming debut.

To build group chemistry, the members moved into cassiopeia fan club website small dormitory room arranged by their management. After a few weeks of training and rehearsals, they recorded their first song "Thanks To" and performed it at the S.

New Face Showcase. Yunho was appointed as the group's leader. The group released the physical single of "Hug" on January 14, The following cassiopeia fan club website, they performed on SBS 's Inkigayo, cassiopeia fan club website. It was TVXQ's first record to debut at number one, selling a total ofcassiopeia fan club website, copies in the first month. Cassiopeia fan club website the promotions of Tri-Angle read article, S.

The single reached to number thirty-seven on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart. TVXQ's debut in Japan was not as successful as their management had hoped, and the group said their first few months in Japan were "difficult. Rising Sun was released in South Korea on September 12, and became the group's first breakthrough album. It debuted at number one on the Korean charts and was the fourth best-selling record of The latter single entered the Korean charts at number one.

Comprising 6 shows only, the tour started off with four shows in Seoul, South Korea. A CD recording of their concert in Korea was released on July 14; the DVD was released six months later in Januaryand had initial sales of 38, units. Their debut Japanese album Heart, Mind and Soul was released two weeks later, and it debuted on the Oricon Albums Chart at number twenty-five, selling 18, copies.

The single peaked at number twenty-two. The latter debuted at number six on the Oricon, making it the group's first single to reach the top ten in Japan. The click to see more resumed their Korean activities with the release of their third Korean album, "O"-Jung. The album entered the Korean charts at number one and became the best-selling record of after one month of release.

Hap won Album of the Year, the ceremony's grand prize. The tour an audience ofTVXQ released check this out second Japanese album Five in the Black in Marchdebuting at number ten on the Oricon with nearly 27, copies sold on its first week.

Drawing in an audience of 46, the group toured Japan from May to June With the critical and commercial success of TTVXQ delayed their Korean comeback to put more focus on their new Japanese releases, and from February to Marchthe group released a series of five singles consecutively for six weeks, promoting the releases as the "Trick" project, cassiopeia fan club website.

Each single contained a solo track by a member, as well as some of their own compositions. The T tour concluded with cassiopeia fan club website shows and attracted an audience ofpeople, [56] more than three times the size of their previous Five in the Black tour. The tour's DVD, released in Augustclickcopies, cassiopeia fan club website.

Despite the drama's disappointing ratings, the single was a number-one seller, making TVXQ the first non-Japanese Asian performer to release two number-one singles in Japan, a record which was last held by Taiwanese artist Ou-yang Fei-fei twenty-four years prior.

The group assumed more creative control in this album compared to their last Korean releases: Yunho cassiopeia fan club website the rap for several tracks, Junsu and Changmin wrote the lyrics to two tracks and Jaejoong and Yoochun recorded their own solo tracks. Mirotic was slated to be released on September 24,but due to an unprecedented amount of pre-ordersthe release was postponed to September Countdownand was touted by international critics as a staple song of K-pop. Mirotic has sold overcopies, the first Korean album in six years to surpass half a million sales in South Korea.

In OctoberCassiopeia fan club website released the Japanese version of "Mirotic", which topped the Oricon, breaking a record that the group had set with their previous single.

Entertainmentclaiming that their thirteen-year contract was excessively long, schedules were held out without permission of the members, and profits were unfairly distributed.

In NovemberYunho and Changmin released a joint statement in support of S. Entertainment, and urged the trio to resolve their issues with their management quickly if they wished to continue cassiopeia fan club website careers as TVXQ members.

Despite the injunction, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu maintained their activities as TVXQ members under Avex's management in Japan, and the group continued to release new Japanese singles together until early The single topped the Oricon and broke Elton John 's fourteen-year record of having the highest first-week sales for a foreign artist. The album sold overcopies in one week, earning RIAJ's double platinum status by the end of February.

On April 3,Avex declared the suspension of TVXQ's Japanese activities, stating that each member would be pursuing a solo career. Entertainment filed a lawsuit against JYJ to validate their contracts. Entertainment to void their exclusive contracts. Their two-piece performances garnered strong and supportive reactions from the audience, prompting Yunho and Changmin's decision to continue TVXQ activities without the other three.

The album debuted at number one on the Gaon Albums Chart cassiopeia fan club website, and maintained its position for a second week. According to Yunho, JYJ had "exceedingly deep conflicts" [98] with their agency and the members had irreconcilable differences about their career. We can sometimes find out that a certain song seems to talk about my own story. In this way it totally depends on the interpretation using our own thoughts. On September 28, cassiopeia fan club website, the group released the Japanese album Tonewhich earned them their first number-one studio album.

It sold overcopies on its first week and earned RIAJ's platinum certification on read more second week. TVXQ was the second overseas artist in Japan to achieve album sales of more thancassiopeia fan club website, in a week; the previous holder was Bon Jovi with their album, Crush.

In the latter months ofthe duo performed for a string of K-pop music festivals around the world. It was held in New Jersey. Their new Japanese holiday single " Winter " was released on November It was their first time performing at the Kohaku since the split, drawing media attention. Tickets were sold out in a few minutes. TVXQ also became the third foreign artist, after Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boysto perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive days, attracting crowds of overCatch Me was released online on September 24 and on September 26 through normal commercial outlets.

Two days after the reissue's release, S. Entertainment and JYJ dropped their lawsuits against each other and reached a settlement, ending their three-year legal dispute.

Entertainment had ended in July The album became their fastest selling studio album to date, selling overcopies in its first month of release. The duo became the first K-pop artist and the fourth foreign artist to embark on a five-dome tour, [] and were the first foreign musical act cassiopeia fan club website perform at the Nissan Stadium as a headlining artist.

First-month shipments reachedunits, making Tense the best-selling album of January in South Korea. An expanded version of Tensecassiopeia fan club website, re-titled Spellboundwas released on February 27, and debuted at asian long hair webcam roommate video two on the Gaon Albums Chart, shipping 61, copies in two days.

With TreeTVXQ became the first foreign band in Japan to have three consecutive studio albums with first-week sales of overcassiopeia fan club website, copies, breaking Bon Jovi 's thirteen-year record. The tour drew in overpeople in total, pushing the duo to become the first international artist of Japan to bring in the largest number of concertgoers in the last three years, reaching over 2 million. The duo entered their second hiatus when Yunho started his mandatory military service for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces on July 21, Yunho cassiopeia fan club website honorably discharged from service on April 20,[] [] while Changmin was honorably discharged on August 18, TVXQ broke several records with the tour: they are the first music group in Japan to hold a three-day concert at the Nissan Stadium and are the first foreign artists to bring over a million people with one tour.

The single debuted at number two on the Oricon Singles Chart[] selling overcopies. The duo started preparations for their eighth Korean studio album upon their return to Korea.

A 東方神起 (Yunho & Changmin) Fansite, Here for all TVXQ! Fans~

Not wearing a mask is not cassiopeia fan club website option Part 4. Deadly wildfires worsen across California. Not cassiopeia fan club website are Korean dramas being embraced by Filipinos but more teens and young adults are becoming ardent fans of K-pop artists as well. Thanks to the Internet, non-Korean fans in Southeast Asia including the Philippines and as far as North America and Europe can get a daily dose of Korean music, dramas and anything in between.

Not only do they interact in their own forums, on blogs and networking sites, cassiopeia fan club website, they also meet regularly, hold fan gatherings and dutifully buy their idols' CDs, photo books, T-shirts and other merchandise.

The group adopted the name Cassiopeia, which is the name of TVXQ's Korea-based fan club that is said to have aboutmembers. It began as a forum and as the fan base grew, organizers decided to make it official. They held their first gathering inthe same year that members of TVXQ came to the Philippines to shoot an advertisement.

The fan club's core members said they spent their own money to buy balloons, cassiopeia fan club website, snacks and to prepare for an audio-visual presentation just to make the event a success.

From just 40 people that attended the first meeting, Cassiopeia Philippines now has over 1, members and is growing as more Filipino teens join the organization. Every year, the TVXQ fan club holds events to gather all members. They hold parties and programs to pay tribute to TVXQ and give away merchandise as prizes. The four fan clubs have been in existence for years and they decided cassiopeia fan club website unite into one organization in September last year.

They now have the Internet and mobile communications tools needed to spread the Super Junior fever through text messaging, networking sites like Multiply and Internet forums, now with more than 1, members.

Just like other Korean pop groups, Super Junior's popularity is growing in the Philippines. He said the one-year-old fan club is composed of about girls and boys, all dedicated to supporting Girls Generation. Attendees can expect to see booths featuring K-pop idols and everything Korean. Outside their own groups, Filipino K-pop fans are more info members of international fan clubs and Internet forums. Soompi www. Established inSoompi now has overregistered members, about 1.

Approximately 5 percent about 60, of visitors are from the Philippines, cassiopeia fan club website, but the number is increasing. The growth of K-pop in the Philippines can be described as unique, with no K-pop group ever visiteding the Philippines as part of a concert tour.

In addition, Korean albums are not found in music stores in the Philippines teen webcam compilation fans buy their CDs, DVDs, posters, photo books and other merchandise through online stores or ask friends in other countries to help.

As some sort of rule, they only buy original copies and shun bootleg merchandises as a way of showing their support. Some even go to great lengths to attend concerts in other countries to watch their idols in person.

No doubt, the number of Filipino K-pop fans is growing. When asked why they love K-pop, the fans said Korean pop groups come as a complete package, meaning they can sing, dance link and compere. In Korea, artists usually undergo years of training to hone their skills in singing and dancing before debuting.

On the cassiopeia fan club website hand, the member Super Junior represents a whole range of talented male singers, actors and DJs, according to Laconico. Link is the main reason why they love Super Junior, '' she said.

Filipinos seem not to be concerned about the language barrier. As they say, music is a universal language and they are embracing K-pop as if they are immersing themselves in a new culture. Grisly beheading of teacher in terror attack rattles France Tteokbokki voted No. Tickets on sale for Busan International Film Festival.

AKMU's Su-hyun says debut solo single shows her unique, cassiopeia fan club website, natural side. EXO's Chen to join military this month. Atlanta police make arrest in actor's shooting death.

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Share All About TVXQ . Chart, Ranking, High Sales, Record Etc.

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Archived from the original on December 23, Retrieved October 1, Entertainment had ended in July
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