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Elite version most people should not use this version, no hacking or stealing please! Please help IronHeart to edit Wiki page, best evony bot goals.

While the documentation here is intended to show available features, best evony bot goals is not intended for general audience.

The wiki hopefully contains more detail information as well as more practical help on how to get things done using the available features. If you play at Evony for some time, you will notice that a link of time you spend are on uninteresting tasks.

The goal of this Evobot City Management is to remove as many of these tasks so that you can focus on what you are interested best evony bot goals. You can turn on the features you like, and turn off those that you do not. You can specify what you want your town to do best evony bot goals the Goals tab. No gui is currently provided, and the goals are specified in text.

Build goals are used to specified the building, level, and the quantity you like. A build goal like "build sawmill" means you want 8 saw mills level 2 or higher. A build goal with level 0 has special meaning xxx gay men com is used when you want to demolish buildings.

A goal like "build cottage" means that you want to demolish and keep at most 8 cottages. The quantity is 1 by default, so a goal like "build academy:4" means you want one academy level 4. Special note: Inn is treated specially. Building names are among academy, barrack, beacon, cottage, embassy, feasting, forge, best evony bot goals, sawmill, quarry, iron, inn, market, rally, relief, stable, town, wall, warehouse, workshop.

Research names are among agriculture, lumbering, masonry, mining, metal, info, militaryscience, militarytradition, ironwork, best evony bot goals, logistics, compass,horseback, archery, stockpile, medicine, construct, engineer, machinery, best evony bot goals, privateer. Refer to evobot for more ways to name buildings and researches.

Note that you can specify a building goal like academy without specifying other buildings that must be built before an academy can be built. These required buildings are added to the goals, in this case, town hall level 2 becomes a goal automatically.

Similarly, you can specify cottages level 4, which implicitly requires town hall level 3, which requires wall level 1, workshop level 1, forge level 2, iron mine level 3, all of which are added to the goals. Note also that research and buildings may be dependent on each other. Asking for a building will make the research that building depends on to be researched, and asking for a research will make the buildings that the research depends on to be built.

When having only research lines, you may want to turn on building with "config build:1" so that dependent buildings are built as needed, best evony bot goals. Similarly, when having only building lines, you may want to turn on research with "config research:1". Troop goal and fortification goal are used to specify the best evony bot goals and fortification you want.

The just click for source type must be one of the following wo for worker, best evony bot goals for warrior, p for pikemen, sw for swordmen, s for scout, a for archer, cav for cavalry, cata for cataphract, t for transporter, b for ballista, ram for battering ram, cp for catapult.

The fortification type must be one of the following trap for trap, ab for abatis, at for archer tower, r for hairy russain mature webcams are rolling log, rock for trebuchet. Troops are normally produced in small quantity to allow quick change. The hero used is the best available attack hero at the time the troops are queued. A separate troop production may be started when there are plenty of resource.

You can enable this secondary production line using "config dumping:1", or more generally "config dumping:factor", where factor is a number. The bot will queue troops in larger batch. The hero used to produce this link will always be your best hero in town, and the bot will always wait for his hero before queuing troops. The bot will wait for this training hero before queuing troops.

Note however that the bot may reserve one barrack to produce troops in emergency situations, and keep the queue there short, best evony bot goals. The troops produced in that reserved barrack may or may not be the training hero specified. It is desirable to have a super hero to train troops in many towns.

In that best evony bot goals, the bot will automatically compute a route for your super hero. Note that "nexttrainingpos" is no longer used. The best hero is too important, while it is too easy to make mistake specifying the training route manually.

If you use the same traininghero in many town, best evony bot goals, the bot best evony bot goals send the traininghero repeatedly through the town. To slow down the pace, you must tell the bot to stop the hero by adding the hero in the npc10heroes list.

You can optionally specify best evony bot goals desired time for the bot to loop through your towns with "trainingLoopTime seconds", for example "trainingLoopTime ", to ask the training hero to go through all the towns approximately once ever 2 hours.

If a minStayingTime is best evony bot goals in the traininghero goal, the bot will also make sure that best evony bot goals hero does stay in the town for no less than the time you specified in seconds. For advanced users, it is possible to build troops conditioning on the troop level on another town. Note that "extratroop", together with "keeptroop" and "requesthelp", enables linking the defense of all your towns together.

A simple way to set up is to have one main town and many production towns, with the production towns sending troops and resources to the main town, and the main town help back the production towns with troops and resource if necessary. It is desirable sometimes to slow down troop training so that your town has enough population for resource production. You can add "config maxproduction:1" in that case. The bot will then only use population that is truly idle when training troops.

The "config maxproduction:1" is automatically ignored if the town is and beautiful lesbian teens on xhamster attacked. You can use config lines to automate many different tasks. Each task can be put on a separate config line, or a few tasks can be specified on a single config line. If you wish the bot to trade more, especially when your town's resource is low, or your resource consumption is high, use "config trade:2", best evony bot goals.

To force the bot to trade even more, use "config trade:3". You can optional tell the bot your desired resource with "resourcelimits food1,food2 lumber1,lumber2 stone1,stone2 iron1,iron2", for example "resourcelimits 2m,4m 2m,12m 2m,1b 2m,12m". The first set of numbers in the 4 pairs is used as the resource that you need, and the second set is used as the resource that you want.

You can use "k", "m", and "b" to denote "thousand", "million", and "billion" respectively. The bot will get what you need first, then get what you want. For backward compatibility, if you only specify one number for each of the resource instead of pairs of numberbest evony bot goals, the bot will treat the values as what you want. You can optionally ask the bot not to trade a resource say if you want to keep food at 0 in Age II by using the pair 0,0 for that resource in the resourcelimits.

If the this web page limit is above capability, the bot will not sell the resource unless it needs gold to buy something else. The bot normally try to keep enough food to feed troops for 1 day.

The food above may be sold to buy other resources as needed. You can ask the bot best evony bot goals keep more food on reserve with config extrafood, best evony bot goals, for example "config extrafood:2" to have 2 extra days of food on reserve in addition to the default 1 day. Be careful as the bot may stop many of its tasks when the unreserved resource is low or negative. In AgeII, you should keep the food reserved low, for example with "config extrafood Note that "config npc" is invalid.

NPC 10 farming is enabled via "npc10limit" instead. The number of transports are computed automatically from your research level. The number of ballistas used are chosen as "safe", though from time to time, you may experience ballista lost.

To change the number of ballistas used, use a "ballsused" line to specify the number of ballista you would like to use to attack npc level 1 to 5. You can use "config npclimit:days", for example "config npclimit:7" to limit the npc farming. The bot will stop farming when the amount of food exceeds what your troops use in the number of days specified. When the limit for npc has reached, you can continue NPC farming to train your heroes.

The npcs are then hit every 1 hour as resource is no longer the goal. Use "config training:1" or "config training:2" for this purpose. With "training:1", the resource can be substantially above the read article set in npclimit.

With "training:2", the npc training attacks are guaranteed not to increase resource. The heroes are trained much more quickly when npclimit is on best evony bot goals the resource limit has reached. When the value of "config training" is 6 or higher, the bot takes the value as the frequency in minutes that you want to hit any particular npc, so use "config training" means hitting npc every 30 minutes when npclimit has been met.

At any time, you can run inline command "qfarm" to send all the farming waves out. You can use goal rallymax to further influence npc farming, for example "rallymax npc:6" to limit the number of npc farming waves to 6 or less.

Check rallymax section for more information. You can optionally specify the farming radius, the frequency you wish to farm the npcs, and the heroes the bot must use for the farming. You can have amateur webcam scat priorityfarming rules, including multiple rules for the same npc level, best evony bot goals. Note that the herolist specification in priorityfarming is the same as that in script commands like "attack" and "reinforce".

You can name the heroes one by one in the hero list, or with "any", best evony bot goals, follow by! You can also use generic hero names like " pol", " pol2", " int", " int2", " absbest", " best", " worst".

Three other special values can be used for buildnpc config. Use "config buildnpc" to convert all flats to npc regardless of levels, "config buildnpc" gold show porn convert all flats 5 or below useful in Age II only. Use "buildnpc" to build npc level 5 and best evony bot goals, npc 10 within 3 miles radius, and npc 5 between 3 and 10 miles. You can use "distancepolicy" goal line to change the distance thresholds.

If you have config "buildnpc" on and not "valley", you can optionally enable "config flatrolling:radius", for example "config flatrolling:5". The bot will roll the flats within the radius link ask, best evony bot goals, by attacking the flats after maintenance, best evony bot goals, hold them, then release them back before maintenance, until the flats are at the desired level to build.

The number of flats rolled is determined by the number of available valley slots in your town -- you need to abandon more non-flat valleys if you want the bot to roll more flats. This feature is useful only in Age I, and when you don't want your neighbor especially bot neighbors to build npc near your towns, best evony bot goals.

You can use goal rallymax to further influence buildnpc, for example "rallymax buildnpc:2" to build 2 npcs at once.

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Is it just set and forget? And how much does the stuff sell for? How long does it take to make goale profit? DrkProdigy09 said:. Tylenol Senior senior. Feb 11, I'm interested in this. I use to play Evony a lot, and could use a hobby of playing again. Read more it's for a Best evony bot goals bot, might as well release for free.

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Evony Kings Return: Infinite Purchases Free Glitch In App
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goals best evony bot

Goals are specified in text form best evony bot goals I will put them in bold. At the end of the post, I will put a basic copy of goals the you can copy and paste directly to your bot, adjusting to what you evonny by what has been discussed here. The first thing I gaols is determine which is my main town. This is your best town, usually where your King or Queen when you get them resides.

For example, config gate:1 will act 1 minute before bott attack lands. This is necessary for further gate control. For the next few goals, you can evpny the abbreviations needed for each thing in the tab for that thing abbreviations for building types are under the B tab, etc.

After you have evvony care of setting up the housekeeping, best evony bot goals, you want bob to actually do some work. First you want him to build. Remember you must put the level evomy the quantity! You can set as best evony bot goals types of troops as you want, but bob will decide which best evony bot goals train first if you do. He most always sets swords first, so I usually only set one or two types of troop to train at a time. The explanations are in the table below.

Perhaps you need to build npcs in your area. You also want some level 10 valleys for the buff you bo get. The valleys bob captures depends on which resource field you have best evony bot goals most of. If you want goaos, make sure you have more farms than anything else.

This is the default value for this parameter. That was a lot to write, lol, best evony bot goals, so thank you for your patience in reading it. In a future post, we will discuss more advanced goals, and scripts and beest. One basic goal I think you should include gols config slowhunting. It uses the same modifier as regular hunting i. It is also good for farming resources early in the game before you have ballista and transports ready. The only caveat is you need to have all valley slots filled.

Like Liked by 1 person. You are golas, it is important. I intend to include it in the next basic bob post, for slightly more advanced goals. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google link. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Now, in every town, there are basic maintenance goals.

This option requires gold, and is suitable only when you have a low level best evony bot goals. This is evonny to raise prestige. Buildings are necessary, but so are troops. He most always sets swords first, so I usually only set one or two types of troop to train at a time You want to do research. Set it the same way. You must set a distance policy for any attacking bob does: distancepolicy 10 15 30 15 10 this is the policy I bt.

You might want to specify heroes for farming. For example, config valley will cause the bot https://sioneinkerem.info/vlowjob/free-nude-cam-chat.php capture level 10 valleys of the proper type.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Previous Attacking Historic Cities. Next Colonization Script. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click at this page an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Allows the bot to rapidly hire and fire heroes to speed up hero selection from the inn. Enable medal farming against level valleys. Enable medal farming against level 10 valleys only. Search for and capture valleys at or below the specified value.

Examples: config valley config valley

Check this out can use them all or pick and choose which you want. You can copy and paste this entire post into your goals tab and adjust as you need. Here it is set to always closed. This is good for when you are not in battle as you can loses valuable heroes because a higher level hero was captured even though your lower level hero had a much best evony bot goals base. This over rides the default. You can define a hero to be the only hero to farm npcs by doing this.

In this case he can send any hero except Att80b. This below is layered troop training so if you get wiped then the first thing bob will do is add layers quickly then all you need is archer reins, best evony bot goals. Remove the forward slashes if you so desire. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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This click the following article is how you tell the bot what troops to queue for you, best evony bot goals. The bot reads each line from left to right, top to bottom. The bot will not move on to the 2nd troop line until the 1st line is completed, and if at any point in time a previous line becomes invalid eg, you get attacked and lose all your pikes the bot will drop back to the 1st incomplete line to question girl annebest flashing boobs on live webcam suggest that one first.

Using the above examples, the bot will first build 1 pike, 1 sword, and 1 cavalry in that order. Once that's completed the bot will then build k archers, k scouts, 10k cav, and 5k phracts. The bot also allows switches to evong troop goal lines that will override the default and configured troop settings. If no switches are specified, the bot will use the configured goals for all troops, or the default settings if both are lacking.

During an attack, the bot will read and evny the 1st line of troop goals with emergency priority. A reserved barrack, if you have one, will be used to re build the troops specified in the 1st line hopefully you put layers in there with the best available attack evnoy.

This goal allows you to tell the bot how many hours per individual troop each slot in each barrack queue you want. It is recommended to adjust this number as your traininghero's bdst attribute grows or number of barracks best evony bot goals, so that the bot can utilize your population and time more efficiently. If this is not set, the bot defaults to 15 minute queue times.

By default, the bot will attempt keep 1 day best evony bot goals of food in each city, or the number of days specified in config extrafood. The bot will not queue troops if doing so would bring it under this amount of days.

You can override this behavior and allow it to continue to queue new troops by enabling this goal. Enabling this without knowing what you're doing could cause the bot to send your city into read article By default, the bot will only use your idle population to queue new troops.

You can allow it to use your entire population, by dropping production temporarily, by setting this to '1'. The bot can also use a percentage hest your total population by using a number lower than best evony bot goals, eg: config troopsusepopmax By default, the bot will queue troops in the order you specify from left to right, on each evont 'troop' line.

By setting this goal, you can tell the bot to instead queue a percentage or specific amount of each troop on the line. For example, if your goals contained:. If given the line above and using config troopincrement Best evony bot goals the percentage challenged, the gozls will also accept whole numbers as the actual amount to queue, eg: config troopincrement In this case the bot will queue warriors then scouts then pike, continuing down the line, and then restarting at the beginning of the line to rinse and repeat until the entire line goal has been met.

Note that the bot does work left to right in the current troop line with both percentage and whole number increments. If the traininghero stops queue'ing due to moving, lack of resources, best evony bot goals of population, etc.

If config troopincrement:1 is set, the bot will enter ratio-based troop building. What this means is the bot will produce different types of troops simultaneously while trying to maintain the troop ratio as specified in the troop goal. The bot will maintain a balance in total percentage completed of the entire goal, for link troop.

Meaning all troops must be at an equal percentage of total completion, or it will focus on the troop s that are below that average percentage.

Example 1: Suppose you have 50k warriors and 50k archers, and the bot works on the following goal:. The bot will first build warriors until you have k of then i. By the time you have k archers, you will also have k warriors. At k archers you will have 1m warriors, and so on.

When a traininghero is configured, but not currently present, and there are idle barracks available, best evony bot goals, the evvony can now use the best available hero to queue troops in small batches.

This goal will set the amount of time per batch, in minutes, best evony bot goals, for the idle queue. The default value is currently 0 disabled for non ratio-based mode. In ratio-based mode when troopincrement:1 the default idle queue time is 1 minute. The bot will look at best available hero vs. For example, if traininghero is attack and best idle hero in town is click here, both have 1 best evony bot goals warriors.

If warriors need to be built, it will do the full amount with the available hero rather than building small amounts or waiting on the traininghero to arrive. Troopidlequeuetime:xx is how many minutes can be queued in the barracks in relation to what the traininghero would take.

Example: config troopidlequeuetime This means it will queue a batch size that will not take 1 minute longer than the vest would take to queue the same thing. This can mean larger queues for better heroes. By default, the bot will always use your traininghero to queue troops. If you do not have one set, the bot will attempt to use the highest attack hero available in the city.

Sometimes you may queue manually, best evony bot goals, or lag may cause the bot to queue with the wrong hero. In this case, the bot recognizes the queue as 'bad' because it is not an optimal time to completion. With this enabled, the bot will sometimes cancel these bad queues so that it can replace them with good ones using the right hero.

Do not enable this if you goalw instant troops hidden in the barracks behind deliberately slow builds that you plan to cancel when the instant troops are needed. By enabling this, the bot will reserve 1 barrack in the city free of queues to use to build instant troops and to build the first of your 'troop' goal lines when under attack. This goal will tell the bot to automatically send troops to another city when it reaches more than the amount you specify, best evony bot goals.

In the example above, when ThisCity has more than k warriors, or k scouts, or k pikes, or k swords, or k archers then the bot will send extras to OtherCity in increments of at least 10k.

When combined with troop goals set higher than these amounts, the bot would continually queue troops to be sent to another city.

This can be useful to stock or restock a war city or continually rebuild troops for a npc10 farming city. This goal will tell the bot to automatically send troops from this city to another one when it reaches an amount over what you specify and if the other city has an amount under what you specify. The city to send to parameter can be written as coordinatesor the city name if same account OtherCity or to encompass any city any or as multiple city names or coordinates seperated by the symbol City1 City2 City3 or,As with the sendresources and requestresources directives, sendtroops and requesttroops are also able to use -1 as a parameter.

The -2 parameter can be used for the remote quantity to force the bot to behave more like the older keeptroop goal sending quantities of at least the amount specified, but more than it if possible.

Note that ThisCity would need to have k archers to begin with before sending https://sioneinkerem.info/cocki/porn-gay-male-sex.php away, to avoid putting itself below the k minimum.

In the 2nd example above, if ThisCity has more than ggoals archers, then it will send golas increments of 10k toIn the 3rd example above, if ThisCity has more than k archers, and On webcam wife military has below k archers, best evony bot goals, then ThisCity will send OtherCity as many archers as needed to bring OtherCity up to k, while keeping ThisCity above k.

In the 4th example above, if OtherCity has below k archers, then ThisCity will send it archers in 10k increments until it gets best evony bot goals k, best evony bot goals, regardless of how many archers ThisCity has. In the 5th example above, if ThisCity has more than k archers, then it will send all best evony bot goals over that to , regardless of how manyhas and how many it sends at a time, best evony bot goals, as long as the minimum send is at least 10k archers.

This goal will tell the bot to automatically request troops best evony bot goals another city to this one when it reaches an amount under what you specify and if the other city has an amount over what you specify. The city to request from parameter can be written as coordinatesor the city name if same account OtherCity or to encompass any city any or as multiple city names or coordinates seperated by the symbol City1 City2 City3 or,As with the sendresources and requestresources directives, requesttroops and sendtroops are got able to use -1 as a parameter.

The -2 parameter can be used for the remote quantity to force the bot to behave more like the older keeptroop goal. In the 1st example above, if ThisCity gols below k archers, and OtherCity has more than k archers, then ThisCity will request OtherCity send archers to it in 10k increments.

Note that OtherCity would need k archers before 10k besy be sent away, to prevent it falling below k itself. In the 2nd example above, if ThisCity falls below k archers, then request 10k archers from , regardless of how many archershas. With this best evony bot goals, the bot will keep requesting archers, best evony bot goals at a time, until ThisCity has at least k orruns out of archers. In the 3rd example above, if ThisCity egony below k archers, and any other city has more than k archers, then it will request as many archers at once as it takes to achieve k archers in ThisCity, without putting the other city below k.

In the 4th example above, the bot will request 10k archers at a time be sent from OtherCity to ThisCity, regardless of how many archers are in ThisCity bezt as long as OtherCity doesn't fall below k archers.

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You most likely want to use these commands when you want to schedule the bot boot work only for some period of time. Examples: config valley config valley
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