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The families of the alleged perpetrator and alleged victim knew each other and both lived at the dormitories that were built in the s for the married students and their families. Today there are more than 60 children of various ages who live on campus. She is a high school student in the area but lives with her parents on campus. TNH has learned also that the suspect was giving drugs to the teenage girl and at some point she was taken to the hospital for overdose.

Triantafillou immediately expelled the suspect from the School a few weeks https://sioneinkerem.info/annyt/online-live-sex-movie.php to graduation, around the end of April to the beginning of May.

He had been scheduled to graduate with a THM Degree and continue next year for the Master of Divinity degree, which holy cross webcam sex scandal to ordination to becoming a priest and serve a Greek Orthodox parish of the Archdiocese of America.

Despite many efforts, TNH was unable to communicate with the alleged perpetrator. TNH has learned that his wife took the children and left to their hometown in California, but he has stayed behind in the Boston area. He has not appeared at the Theological School since was expelled. A sexual abuse scandal has arisen at Holy Cross Theological Check this out in Brookline, MA involving a 50 year-old married student who reportedly holy cross webcam sex scandal a teenage girl sexually on campus, holy cross webcam sex scandal.

TNH File Photo. Reproduce freely with attribution.

Catholics Address the Sex Abuse Scandal - [LIVE CHAT]
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Eight monks made their written and signed accusations to Metropolitan Sexx of Boston at the end of August The Monastery does not belong to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, but it is rather an autonomous group. In the past, the Monastery was under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Russians Abroad. Also, the first group that established it including former Abbot Panteleimon as well as the current one Fr. The Monastery is within walking sammierhodes squirting on webcam of the Theological School.

In the middle of last September, 17 monks and one Bishop, Demetrios, left the Monastery and they entered in the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Genuine Orthodox under the ecclesiastical leadership of Metropolitan Pavlos Stratigeas of Astoria. Demetrios was appointed as abbot and everything was made official last month with the visit of the Archbishop Kallinikos, wencam is the Archbishop of Old Calendar Group in Greece, to which the Metropolis of America under Pavlos Stratigeas belongs.

From the New England area as well as from other parts of the United States and Canada at least 7 parishes with their clergy and congregations left the Pantelemonite Group of the Transfiguration Monastery and entered the Orthodox Metropolis of genuine Orthodox of America under Pavlos Stratigeas. Among the parishes that left was the Cathedral of St.

Holy cross webcam sex scandal parish is zcandal in a legal dispute with the Metropolis of Boston under Metropolitan Ephraim, who sent them an eviction notice. The parish went to the court and won to stay in scanda until a final decision is made some tie in the near future. The deed of the church building belongs to the Metropolis but continue reading parish was self-sustained financially by its congregation.

Konstantinou who is also the president of webfam parish council refused to make any comment on the situation. He revealed to TNH that he is seriously ill suffering from pancreas cancer and refuses to have surgery or to receive chemotherapy. Also Metropolitan Makarios Katre of Toronto Canada who knows the situations and has received copies of the depositions of monks against Fr.

Panteleimon for his homosexual advances and activities did not respond. Makarios continues to be in holu cooperation with Ephraim Isaac and Panteleimon. TNH had the following telephone interview with Fr. P: All of them have written. I am here in absolute quietude and thus I have nothing to say. There are misunderstandings between the hierarchs and the congregants. TNH: You have been accused by monks that you attacked them with homosexual advances.

P: God will judge. I have written a go here and I explain. I ask forgiveness from all and I grant forgiveness to all. I do not have resentfulness against anybody.

Whatever I have to say I have written it in Greek and English. TNH: Fr. Isaac admitted that what monks wrote against you, that you are a homosexual, is true. P: Since you have read it draw your own conclusions. What I had to say, I qebcam written it. TNH: Are you sick? Yes, but I am also old, holy cross webcam sex scandal, I am not in young age.

TNH: Is your cfoss serious? P: I have pancreatic cancer but I am not going to have surgery, holy cross webcam sex scandal. TNH: You mean you will die? P: Yes. Arsenios, who was a professor, died a year ago. He also had cancer and he refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy. TNH: How old are you? P: I am Angels after the fall of Lucifer do not fall and demons do not rise.

But as a human being I can rise through repentance. I am a great sinner. But I am not an unbeliever. I do not despair. Despair is atheism. Only if God is absent can one despair. But is assuredly present everywhere and fills all things, holy cross webcam sex scandal. I therefore hope holy cross webcam sex scandal His great mercy.

Holy cross webcam sex scandal bring to mind the parables of the Prodigal holy cross webcam sex scandal the Publican and I am encouraged that there is repentance and forgiveness. John Fleser who was serving at St.

The clergy and laity who have known the fathers at the monastery for many years reacted when they heard there was truth in the accusations against Panteleimon. Panteleimon retire from the Monastery for reasons that are under investigation by the bishops. Father Panteleimon, by his own actions, falls under the canons of the Church and he should be held accountable for what he has done.

Nicholas House, holy cross webcam sex scandal. At this meeting Father Isaac stated there was truth in the accusations against Link Panteleimon holy cross webcam sex scandal he asked forgiveness for having covered up his hply.

He wept as he asked forgiveness. The clergy said this should be dealt with at the monastery and appropriate action should be taken, holy cross webcam sex scandal, namely, Father Panteleimon should be deposed. The matter was to be discussed at a scheduled meeting of all the clergy in the area on Saturday, September 1, All the clergy were in agreement this matter should be handled discreetly and Father Panteleimon should be deposed and retire to the Skete in Maine.

At the end of the meeting a draft letter was composed and given to the bishops to go over and send out. That same evening a letter to the faithful was sent out signed by all three bishops. The above quote regarding the investigation was in that letter; however, no investigation was ever conducted. How does a priest resign from the priesthood? What canons give this privilege to a priest to resign from the priesthood? The sec Orthodox Synod investigated the accusations and called Panteleimon to explain.

In order to prevent his defrockment he took the Monastery and the parishes and walked away from the Russian Jurisdiction and entered the Group of Archbishop Afxentios in Greece.

Many of the depositions written by the monks at that time are quite explicit describing how the monks were sexually abused by Panteleimon. We do not publish them here out of respect to the Church and Greek-American community.

Panteleimon is a graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and he had monastic tendencies from his student years. He spent some time at the Russian Monastery of St.

Panteleimon of Mt. He was ordained to the priesthood by Metropolitan Vasileios of Caesarea of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem under strange circumstance sources said, holy cross webcam sex scandal. Panteleimon has also established a Nunnery in Brookline as well. Reproduce freely with attribution.

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Despair is atheism. Panteleimon is a graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and he had monastic tendencies from his student years.
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