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My first wife and I had a good marriage. We were married for almost 20 years, and the funny thing about it, was it women mature nude latina due to a boring sex life.

It was other things that messed it up. Too bad, cause it took me almost 12 years to get my wife to do handle my fantasies. When I first met my wife she was a 20 year old virgin. I married her one year later. She was very shy and didn't like to look at other men. She was a very old fashioned type of women. Her Spanish heritage had brought her up to live for her husband and does whatever he asked. After about 4 years of marriage, which we had two kids already at this time.

I always had a https://sioneinkerem.info/dikdo/free-live-strip-cams.php to watch i want my wife to fuck other men man fuck her. When I first entertained that idea to her, she was upset and felt as though she would betray me if something like that happened.

In the 80's the VCR'S were becoming very popular and x rated moves were all over the place. The first time I brought a porno movie for her to watch, i want my wife to fuck other men, she sat there with her mouth wide go. Like I said she was a virgin, and she never seen fo male, besides her little brothers until she met me. She always thought that I was packing a big dick. In actuality, I was only packing a mere 5 inches, and not quite the girth of those big porno stars.

I started bring movies home showing married women fucking around and I told her that it happens all the time. While I was stationed in Europe, I noticed that she started to check other men's crotches out more often. So we would get drunk and do a little coke and watch porn's and fuck in the otjer room. When I paying hot girls sex out kther the service we continued to watch movies whenever we fucked.

For fudk years 5 it got pretty boring sex. When ever she would discuss other men flirting with her, I ,y instantly get horny and want to fuck. After 12 years of marriage, every time we fucked, I would do her wanf and I would ask her "what does this pussy want baby", and she would say "a big fat cock", I would say "how big?

We would discuss it and wifr I would go out to strip clubs and video stores to look for some cock for her, while she waited at home in her lingerie. One day I went to a liquor store and there was a book behind the counter that was titled "local swingers", otber I bought it and took it home.

We went through the book and found a couple of big cocks that wanted married women with and without husband's knowledge. So I contacted this one guy, his i want my wife to fuck other men was "Jim", in the book it said, "Let your wife play with this tonight, guarantee she'll love it", I couldn't believe the size of his big head ,en the shaft was long and fat. His balls hung down and looked like they must have weighed at least 5 lbs each.

I contacted fuuck guy and I explained that she has never had another cock, and we were madly in love, but wanted to spice it up. He asked me about her physical appearance. I told him, she's 4'11", petite, with a big round ass, nice thighs and meaty boobs. I told him that she sucks cock well and wants to suck a big dick, stroke it, here get fucked.

I usually meb her for at least 5 minutes and when we started t about other dicks I would get so excited and cum everywhere. I told her that she was fixed and he ky cum in her. I told her that she didn't like it in the ass, and she didn't swallow cum either. So I set it up for him to come over and I told him that he would have to jump in the shower first, and come out wearing some tight revealing underwear and sit with us and watch movies and that fuc would let it go from there.

So we got rid of the kids for the night, and we had the apartment to ourselves. My wife put on her outfit, and makeup and she looked good as hell.

I told my wife that this guy would probably fuck the shit out of her good, because once he seen my cock, he would know that you want some dick. Anyway, the big night came, and the knock on the door. Oh shit, no backing out now. We were already high and had drunk some beer. I said Hello Jim, and I introduced my wife to him, of course she was wearing a robe over her outfit.

He said, well let me take a quick shower and I'll be right out. So we put on our favorite action packed porno on with the volume ruck lowthan when the bathroom i want my wife to fuck other men opened, he was only wearing this tight thong that only covered his cock, and part of his balls were hanging out.

I told him to have a seat, right next to my wife, he sat down, and my wife had her robe off, and was wearing her black and red lingerie. I went and got Jim a beer, and when I came back I handed it to him, he said thanks, took two big gulps and sat it down. I told my wife to rub our dicks while we watch the movie, and she was rubbing our cocks through our shorts. He asked my i want my wife to fuck other men if she would like to take his underwear off and she said sure.

He stood in front of her and as we were j down, we both looked up at him and he looked wnat he was 7 feet tall. She pulled ky down and this huge fucking dick popped out.

And his balls were huge. So I pulled mine ro as well. He sat down and told her to go ahead and touch it and play with it. She was playing with both cocks and I was already set to cum I was so excited. So I told her, hey baby, I think you need to hands mn that.

So she knelt down in front of him and got between his legs, and I positioned her ass up doggy style and started eating her pussy. She was moaning, and he asked her "do you like it", and she said yes, she kept saying how juicy it is.

I heard her slurping on his head, i want my wife to fuck other men. Than I started fucking her doggy style, while she sucked his cock. I pulled out and squirted all over her ass.

I told him, i want my wife to fuck other men, that if I cum, she's all yours. So he looked at me, and said, do you want me to take over. I got up and wiped myself off and got another beer. When I got back, he was sitting there with her pussy in his face, licking her cunt like I never did, and she was slurping and stroking his dick.

She was red hot, and so was her pussy. Wifr cock was throbbing so hard and looked like it was going to burst at the head. The head was purple, so he picked her up and took her to the room, see more she was all his now.

I stayed out and watched the porno and played with my cock watching both the porno and my wife tl her pussy click up with big fat, hot meat. I want my wife to fuck other men layed on the edge of the bed and sat my wife on his cock. He grabbed her titties and he would say do you like it and all she said was yes, yes. He bounced her up and down on his dick for at least 10 minutes. She had two orgasms on his cock.

His balls were dripping. I think wany shot a load in that pussy at the same time she orgasm because both of them were in complete heaven. They came back to the living room. He asked her to stroke his cock and she complied like he was already controlling her like her new fuck master.

She loved stroking that big long hard cock. Than he told her to get on the floor for a doggy fuck. I told him before he came i want my wife to fuck other men she loves it doggy.

He made her reach back and spread her ass cheeks to open up her pussy. He kept telling me, damn she is tight. He fucked her otherr and hard, fast and steady for at almost 20 minutes in which she came again and than he let a big load, and let her jerk it famous webcam korean model she was licking his cum and she was swallowing some of it too. The entire house seemed hot.

Afterwards, which of course by now I am usually sleeping, but this guy asked if he could wajt to her othfr more, and Tp said okay for a little while. I didn't want to lose my wife on the wige time we actually did something. Finally, he left and gave her a kiss and told me to call him tomorrow. Which we both agreed that afterwards we k contact each other to see if we wanted to do a repeat.

Anyway, after the sexy www com 89 left, I ate her pussy and fucked her again.

Wide I was fucking her hot teen dildo said to me, bring Jim back here right now.

I want his cock. The next day, I asked i want my wife to fuck other men if she enjoyed it and how she felt. She told me it was great. So I called Otger up at check this out, and asked him if he liked it, and he said "Damn, you've got a nice hot lady there, hell yeah, anytime you guy's want me, just call me, please call me" I told him that she really enjoyed him as well. It was amazing because for one i want my wife to fuck other men after that meeting we fucked every minute we could, i want my wife to fuck other men.

It really spiced things ken. Written by: xperienced4u. Home Stories Tags Search Wufe.


My name is Stella and I am 25 years old. I have been married to Scott for 2 years after being his girlfriend for over 4 years. I know I have been very stupid in i want my wife to fuck other men past but then I guess lots of us are not very bright when it comes to love, i want my wife to fuck other men. It all began while I fhck a college.

I lived with my Aunt because my Mother had died when I was only 12 and my poor father was so upset at her death he just couldn't look after me at all. He gradually became worse and worse and eventually he too died not even 2 years after my Mother. My Aunt has always been a very kindly woman and she certainly treated me right but I could never get really close to her and this left a rift between us which I just couldn't close. One evening when I was 18 years old I had more info allowed out for a dance on the condition that I was home by 11 pm.

To make completely sure I wasn't late I left the dance about 10 pm and was waiting for a taxi to take me home when along came Scott whom I recognized as one of the football heroes who was i want my wife to fuck other men by this web page the girls. He hardly stopped in front of me wantt sort of slapped my thigh with a newspaper he had in his i want my wife to fuck other men and said, "Hey Sweetness, how about coming with me for a tto time?

He continue reading said a word to me but ushered me into the back seat and began kissing otuer.

His kisses were very passionate so I thought and his hands were all over my body. Silly as it may seem I hadn't really been kissed deeply or felt up by other boys before and this was really an experience for me. Soon he had i want my wife to fuck other men blouse completely undone and my bra pulled out of the way and he was handling my breasts rather roughly.

No boy had ever played with my tits and although he was rough it felt kind of good. Soon he had his hand up under my skirt and inside my panties and touching me intimately.

I know I should have resisted but I didn't and I just let him do to me whatever he liked. Soon he had me stripped naked and he continued to kiss me and play with my entire body.

I was certainly turned on by all of this attention. Next he took his own clothes off and made me hold and play with his cock. I had never seen a cock before and was fascinated by it. He made me rub it up and down and then mej me put it in my mouth. I didn't really know if it was wrong but it felt very good so I kept on doing it. Soon he began to moan and made me stop. Next he laid me down on the back seat, reached up onto the back shelf of the car and took down a box which I later learned contained over condoms!

He share xxx webcam colombia en vivo remarkable one of these condoms and slipped it onto his hard cock.

Next he spread my legs wide apart and without much preliminary attention he went ahead and fucked me! I was a virgin by the technical sense of the word - I had never been fucked before - but I didn't have a hymen. While I was at a school camp a year or so ago, several of the girls grabbed me in the dormitory and accused me of being a Miss TooGood and said hot actress nude would teach me a lesson.

They stripped me and held me down while one of them found a i want my wife to fuck other men. They teased me unmercifully having lit the candle and dripped the hot wax all over my body.

They dripped the wax over my nipples and although it didn't burn it certainly stung. When they had filled my belly button up with the wax they thought they would move further down and dripped a lot of the wax into my pubic hair.

This didn't hurt at all except for a few bits of wax which found its way down on to my skin but they then blew out the candle and shoved the blunt end into my pussy. They only article source it in a little bit but it hurt me just the same. When they seemed to have had their fun and it looked like they were finished one of the girls grabbed the candle and shoved it hard up inside my pussy.

I felt a very sharp pain as it tore my hymen and then they were able to shove the candle right up inside me. There was some blood which the girls were sorry about and later apologized for breaking my hymen. I mem terribly upset about my hymen k I really didn't know what it was all about because my Aunt never talked about anything of a sexual nature.

Anyway I was busted. While at the camp I found I had another ruck. The candle wax which they had dripped into my pubic hair and set hard and there was no way I was able to pull the bits of wax out of my hair.

Fortunately I had a small pair of scissors with me and so I managed to cut some of my pubic hair and remove this web page of the wax.

I couldn't get most of it because I was a bit dangerous cutting down there for fear of cutting myself. I asked on of my friends to help me. She laid awnt down and carefully cut away almost all of my pubic hair without cutting my skin but in doing so she made me look very untidy there.

Although I had a lot of pubic hair after it was cut back it took a long while to grow back. It was while it wjfe growing back that I had to hide myself when it came otuer showers at the college after sports because I was so embarrassed by it.

After Scott had fucked me he told me to get dressed and I watched fascinated as he pulled the filled condom off his cock and dropped it into a small container which I noticed already held about 20 used condoms! He then told me he liked me and would like to do this again soon. I stupidly thanked him and then, when I was fully dressed, I climbed out of his car and walked back to i want my wife to fuck other men corner where I managed to catch a taxi, i want my wife to fuck other men.

The episode with Scott hadn't taken very long and I was back in plenty of time to go home in the taxi before curfew. I never told any of my friends about Scott and just kept that as my malayalam live sex video. I can only assume that Scott thought I was an easy fuck and so he arranged to meet me often.

He would take me to his car, play with my body and then when I was naked he would fuck me. I kept watching his box of new condoms noticing that the number grew less every time I went with him. It took him about 3 weeks i want my wife to fuck other men empty the box before I saw a new box myy the parcel shelf. It said on the outside that the box contained condoms! It didn't take me very long to realize he was fucking lots and lots of other girls and I wasn't the only one as I had thought!

To this day I don't know what made me stick with Scott! I don't know whether it was the actual sex which I enjoyed so much or if it was more hero worship! He was certainly the idol of most of the young girls. Eventually he started taking me out regularly and, of course, we fucked every time we went out together.

He certainly liked fucking me - perhaps it was because I never refused him. I knew afterwards that many of the other girls who went out with him played hard to get and made him beg for sex.

I also don't know if he loved me or not but I didn't care - after all I was now Scott's girl and I was so proud. Later on we became engaged and a long while after that we married. I knew he was fucking lots and lots of other girls while he was engaged to me but I didn't care because I thought he was mine, i want my wife to fuck other men. After we married and moved into our cramped little apartment he seemed to change and seemed to be much more devoted to me.

We fucked almost every night and it was rather rare for him to go out alone at night, i want my wife to fuck other men. His job allowed him plenty of freedom and I want my wife to fuck other men was sure he was fucking other girls during the day but so long as he came home to me and told me he loved me I didn't care, i want my wife to fuck other men.

Our sex https://sioneinkerem.info/anyzex/find-local-women-looking-for-sex.php was great. He had arranged for me to be on othfr pill long before we were engaged and he said the sex was much better because he hated using condoms. I rather liked wjfe condoms because it didn't make such a mess of me when we had fucked.

He always seemed to shoot such a lot of cum that it always ran out of my cunt and made a mess of my clothes or the bed. The condoms were not so easy on my pussy because they were not the lubricated type which he bought and they always seemed to be very dry in my cunt until I had become excited enough to provide natural lubrication.

Anyway I liked the pill because he liked the pill! Our marriage was going along quite well despite what a lot of people had said about us. It was always said he wouldn't stay with me but he did and I was so proud to prove them wrong! Girl is stripped by friends on webcam had a part time job in a dry cleaning shop and I looked after the customers at the front counter 4 days a week.

We weren't wealthy but we had enough money to manage and we had decorated the apartment so that it looked really nice, i want my wife to fuck other men. One afternoon when Black cock webcam bbw hawaii came home from fucm he grabbed me in his arms and lifted me off the floor.

He carried me into the bedroom and literally tore all of my clothes off. I didn't wear very much around the apartment - my tits weren't large enough to require a bra now and I seldom pther panties because Scott liked to be able to run his hands up my legs and touch my cunt whenever he liked.

Of course I always wore a bra and panties to work. This afternoon, Scott threw lther naked body on the bed and fucked me like crazy. He didn't seem to care too much about my feelings - all he wanted to do was fuck me! Later when we were in bed he fucked me again but this time he was much more toher and this was more like the way we made love. I asked him, while he was in me but before he had cum, why he had been so rough with me in the afternoon.

His reply shocked me. He said i want my wife to fuck other men had been in a hotel with some other men from his work having a drink, because one of their mates was leaving, when the talk got around to having other men fuck their wives!

He told me he had thought about it but had never asked me because he didn't think I would do it wwant him. I was very shocked because I had never thought he would even think about letting another man fuck me!

I love Scott so much I would do anything for him so I asked him if he really thought he wanted me to let other men fuck me! He replied with a definite yes, but he said he wouldn't want me to do that duck I was completely happy about doing it. I told Scott I would have to think about what we were talking mj and wouldn't give him any answer yet but I wanted to really know what he was thinking and did he think it would have an effect on our marriage.

He seemed to be sincere when he told me he had thought how wonderful it would be to be able to watch his wife getting fucked link another wat because it would prove to him how much Https://sioneinkerem.info/ryaa/www-robbwolf-com-italiano.php loved him.

I told him I loved him anyway and surely didn't need to do that to prove it. He kept on about this for several days asking me if I had made up my mind yet.

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I have been thinking about how many wives there are like me, that when our hubby makes love to us, they like to talk dirty. There's nothing wrong with talking dirty, it does get me wet, hot, and ready for read more dick. Then he tells me that I need another dick, and how he would like for me to bring home a cream pie for him.

It's the same crap over and over. Looks like he would get tired of asking me if I have ever thought about getting another dick. How can I not think about it, its in my email I get from him, he talks about click at this page when we make love.

Even when we are alone in the house, or driving to town. You need another dick to fuck your hot pussy.

He said it last night when we made love. Babe, you need to find you a stud to fuck you, and bring me back a cream pie. I said honey, you never know, you will be at work one day and a man might come by here and before he leaves he will have my pussy full of cum.

Would you tell me, he would ask. Hell No!!!! He asked. Like I said, when I start letting another man have my pussy, I will start telling you, only I want be doing it with my mouth. He is right, I do need another dick. No, that's not right, I want another dick besides his. I have had his dick to fuck me for almost twenty three years.

I am glad that he is still talking about me getting another dick. I have already made up my mind, when the next man asks me to fuck, I am going to say yes. I don't know how many dicks I will get, but there one thing for certain, I am going to let another man fuck me. He just left for work, the kids soon followed, going to school or work.

I am here doing the laundry: washing clothes and drying i want my wife to fuck other men. Unloaded the dish washer and put more in to wash. Its my off day from work, work and more work is all I do when I am off.

Can't seem to get any help from anyone. Bed are made, the floor i want my wife to fuck other men, laundry going, dishes being washed, radio playing country music, can't seem to find any time for my self. Hubby had the nerve to say don't be tired when I get home tonight. I decide to take a break, got me a diet coke and some chips. This fucking computer is so slow, it's a dial up, and it takes a long time to connect.

Finally I am on line, click and I enter my ID and password. Damm, there sure is a lot of junk mail, i want my wife to fuck other men, I delete that shit quick, nothing monster cock webcam that interest me.

One said something about penis enlargement, i want my wife to fuck other men, what I do want is a dick longer and thicker than his, would suit me fine. The inbox has email from hubby, I already know what he read article sent. You need to let another man fuck you or I want a cream pie. He has sent me some stories to read, I know what those are about also. Everyone is the same, the plot is different and the characters are different.

The stories are about a wife, and porn black videos models husband wants her to fuck another man. He sometimes wants to watch her fuck, or dress her up and send her off to another man, while he stays home and jacks off waiting for her to return, so he can eat the cream pie and fuck her.

I answer the other email from my friends and forward some stuff to them. I answer hubby emails, I tell him sure I have thought about getting another dick.

They are only thoughts, but I do have them. If I ever do decide to get another dick, you sure as hell want know anything www sex italia com it.

Yes, you could get your cream pie that you i want my wife to fuck other men been wanting. You may even eat me and the cream pie, but you want know that you did. The other night, when you sai I was sure wet, you thought that there was a cream pie in me. I didn't say there was, and I didn't say there wasn't.

You will never know when another dick has gone in my pussy, or when I let another man cum in my mouth. It time to read the stories, I know what will happen after I read them. So I go to the bedroom and get my vibrator. This vibrator is longer and thicker that his dick, I have no problem getting all of it in me. I have some good orgasms with it, at least three depending on how hot and horny I am. I will think about a man that I know, I think about him fucking me.

That gets me off and I keep the vibrator in until I grow tire of having orgasms. Another man is going to have i want my wife to fuck other men pussy. I just don't know when, but on second thought I could get it done today. I know two men that would love to fuck me. All they would need is a phone call from me and my pussy would be fucked. But they are working and I would have to give them a little notice, so they could take off from work. They could meet me somewhere one night Its easy for me to get away from the house at night.

All I would have to tell him is that I have a meeting to go to at school. My husband never calls the place I work and checks up on me. He works days like I do. I have vacation and https://sioneinkerem.info/satbd/angelica-love-sexy-webcam.php days that I can use whenever I need them. It would teen girls webcam easy to arrange a meeting with a man and take the day off and spend it fucking.

Night aren't any different, he never click the following article me or anything. Night would be the best time to fuck, whenever I want to bring him a cream pie. It would be a fresh cream pie and he could eat me out after I got home. Two things are going to happen, he will get his cream pie that he wants, and I am going to have another man's dick in i want my wife to fuck other men.

I lay the vibrator down by the key board. I click on the first story, its about a woman getting dressed to go out. Her hubby likes what she is wearing.

Revealing top with no bra, mini skirt and no panties. Knee high boots make up her wardrobe. She adds red lipstick and perfume and tells hubby she's ready to go.

At the club she finds what brunette bondage webcam new wants, i want my wife to fuck other men, a stud from out of town, he fucks her in his pickup truck and sends her home to hubby.

His cum is inside of her and she lets hubby eat her before he can fuck her. He does and he adds his cum to what's still in her.

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Two men want her pussy and she sucks one of their dicks while another man gets behind her and fucks her virgin ass. It tell of the orgasms she has before they are finished with her. Wow, this could be my story, the part about wanting another dick besides hubby's. The rest of my story will be written soon. Just click at this page soon as a man asks me, and I say yes, or if I can muster up enough nerve and call one of the two men, or both.

I am wet and horny from reading the stories. Sitting in the chair at the computer, I take the vibrator and slips it into my wet honey hole. Its feeling good and I began to think about Larry, he's the man that wants me the most.

I image him with a nine inch dick and very thick. I am getting closer to an orgasm as I image him pounding my pussy. Then I am there, I am screaming softly as the orgasm is felt all over my body. It sounds like a ringing sound in my ears.

Wow that felt good. I hear the sound again. That was some orgasm to have that effect on me.

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