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reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and yelliw our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have no free access to the file. When I asked to my colleagues about it, they all agree on the colors Yellow and Green but they do not agree if it is:.

The second-most authoritative source has therefore become the CANopen standards, where DS specifies things such as standard connectors, source, cable lengths, baud rates etc. Unfortunately, this document does not mention color-coding either. However, just because these colors are commonly used, it does not make them more correct. I'm guessing that the yellow and green comes from the universally standardized color-coding same as we use on through-hole resistors.

From A masterbate girl to being how 7. This enumeration is however not at all consistent with other common, standardized reuee such as d-sub, RJ45 and terminal socket. CAN does not have a formalized physical-layer specification for conductor colors, or things like connector type or pin-out. There are common practices like using a 9-pin D-sub connector but no official standard.

Vehicles these days also tend to have multiple CAN buses, so colors will, of course, vary to keep the different buses straight. Overall, as long as you keep track of your conductor colors and pinouts, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black, you can use any color scheme that suits your preference without violating any standards.

I found a link for J cables not sure if this is generic : see link. From 'John Deere' : Link. In every implementation I've seen, if you can imagine that one color represents "Sky" and the other represents "Earth", those happen to be Hi and Lo, respectively. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise tsisted the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is the color code for CAN Bus? Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. Viewed 21k times. I have no free access to the file I looked webccam any official documents without any luck. TonyM ErnstOlch ErnstOlch 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 8 8 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Lundin Lundin 7, 1 1 gold badge 16 16 silver badges 44 44 bronze badges.

Chris M. The other side of the cable are 4 pig-tail wires. Michel Keijzers Michel Keijzers But it is more info what I am looking for.

I need some techincal documentation re prove it. I have seen reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black yellow-green scheme and also a blue and white scheme used in various vehicle buses. So long as you keep track of which colors are which, you can use any colors you like. Jan 18 '18 at Yellow sun, green grass. White clouds, green grass.

White sky, blue ocean. Et cetera. These mnemonics seem to fit so well I this web page to imagine they're intentional. Nate B Nate B 21 1 1 bronze badge. This would only apply to Jcompliant CAN installations. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black up using Facebook.

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Want to crack the USB wire color code? USB cables have a standard of four wires inside them. These have different colors that indicate what their uses are. The USB wire color code dictates the purpose of a check this out wire, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black.

Usually, there are two wires for power and two wires for data transfer. Some people find that their USB cable only has two wires. The standard colors found on the inside of USB cables are redblackwhiteand green. Each of these colors indicates the purpose of the wire — whether for charging or data transfer. Occasionally, you may find other colors like orangebluewhiteand green.

You might even find yourself encountering yellowbrownand gray. Nonetheless, the purpose of the wires will remain the same despite the changes in color. Otherwise, you may encounter some issues when you splice your USB cable.

Previously, we mentioned that there are two primary purposes to the wires in your cable. They still usually have the same purpose unless otherwise mentioned by your manufacturer. By contacting hoeny webcam girls omegle chatorulette manufacturer, you will save yourself time and hassle from having to tinker around to figure out the use of each wire in the cable.

Normally, if you misuse, lose, or damage your USB cables, you can replace them and buy a new one. Not knowing the color code for the wires in your USB cable can be a hassle. It is crucial information when you plan on splicing up your USB wire. If you want to make your USB cable longer, you can try splicing two cables together. Knowing more about the USB wire color codes can help you save money on cables.

Plus, it can help you learn a new technical skill, like splicing wires. We hope this guide has helped you learn how reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black decode that USB wire color code for whatever purpose you may need it for. Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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DIY Home Security Camera - Old Laptop camera to USB Camera Conversion
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yellow twisted webcam red black white green reuse

Introduction: Reuse Old Laptop Webcam

Disassembly and repair guides for a wide variety of cameras. I called Lorex but they wouldn't tell twisyed the pin out to replace the end. I know the red and black go to the power plug but I need to know the which cat5 wire corresponds with the wires from the camera. January 26 by david. David, what camera do you have. The pin outs are different. But if you need to kind of know what to do if you have the correct pin outs I will be glad to help.

January 26 by sscholton. Show 3 more comments. I reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black engineered the plug from another floppy tits webcam compilation camera with a continuity tester. Thank you so much. Your pin-out worked for my LNBC camera. So basically I used the cables you had left over. Thanks very much!!! EAB cameras. One was damaged because I didn't properly protect the connector. It rained and shorted the female connector end of the camera, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black.

I called Lorex who promised to send an email of the color coding, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black, I'm still waiting to get that! I searched and found your post, tried it and with fingers crossed it took just under seconds for the camera to come back online. Thanks again! Show 7 more comments. I had two twister cameras but the solutions here did not work for my camera models. This is what worked for me. September 10 by Tho To. Posted: January David, that is a very sweet and expensive camera.

It should still be under warranty as it has a 2 year warranty. So you definitely need to contact customer support. The problem with the pinout is that the camera is so new, I have not seen any pinouts for this yet.

And because it is motorized I would imagine all the pins might be in play. Which is different then most of the others I have seen. Our problem is rust or corrosion on the contacts. I find it hard to believe that could happen so fast to a camera that is really built for the outdoors. If it is corrosion on the cat 5 end. That can easily be replaced with another connector as the pinouts are all standard.

Definitely gets tricker on the other end camera end. One thing to try is to put vinegar in a glass feuse disconnect the cables and soak the connectors in the vinegar for an hour or so. Mine were so severely corroded that I had to replace both ends. And then I put electrical tape over the connectors and dropped them in a plastic baggie. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any question. Michel A. Posted: May 9. As you see on picture 1 the only thing I know for sure, is that the blue wire is on teisted 6.

I looked at the solutions presented here and none of them have the blue wire on 6, whatever the standard TA or B. If you look at picture 2, you will see what I am working with.

I tried the wiring presented reusd pictures 3 and 4 and it did not work. I feel Yellwo am in a dead end. Can someone shed some light on this situation.

Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. Camera Disassembly and repair guides for a wide variety of cameras. View the answer Yellod have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 5. Need help to but my Cam has Red, black, yellow, blue, white, green, orange, brown. Thank you so much the problem resolved ,great. I am so lost here.

Can someone break this down for me as I have the same problem. Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit. Chosen Solution. Was this answer helpful? Hello Alvaro, can you explain what you mean by "doubling up" on pin 5 and pin 8? Add a jumper wire from 4 reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black 5 and 7 to 8.

What kind of people! Only him know what doubling up means! Score 2. Thanks to the above post Fix my LNBc water corrode and damage my connection, had to replace with female cat 6 jack. Thank you, this pin out worked for my LNBC. Posted: January 27 Options Permalink History. Score 0. Chevrier Rep: 1. Posted: May jerkmate free websites like Options Permalink History.

Thanks, Michel. Add your answer john mann will be little caprice show grateful. View Statistics:.

Step 1: Get the Webcam

If I buy something, I want to get my money out of it. How goes that twwisted about difference between trash and treasure? Anyway, Webcam and dual microphone module part number spares part number is one of two types of webcams Grern have come across so far. If the computer isn't given to me, I can't tear please click for source apart for smaller parts inside.

HP's are know for bad main board solder and I have several. If you are an Instructables person, should already have a large, adjustable table magnifying glass.

In this step flip over the module and look for any writing. In this case, TP no, not toilet paper! Test Point, you silly Wrabbit! Next take out the handy-dandy multimeter and put one lead on the brass circle and check continuity with the other TP's. TP18 is the winner! So TP twisyed is the ground. One down, 5 to go did I forget to mention this has 6 pins on the connector?

To the immediate right of the camera lens, is reeuse chip with a pink dot and 8 pins. This chip latin 68 tasti girl a Pm25LV and you can read it if you hold the PCB with the white connector to the right opposite from the first image with the connector on the left side. Why is the pink chip Important, you ask? It is a chip that you can cross reference online and get a PDF of the datasheet which tells you it is a 3.

Yeloow, holding the PCB with the white connector to the left, again, the Flash memory 3. Between the white connector and the camera you can see a very small, yellow-colored LED. Between the LED and the camera is a rectangular silk-screen with the negative and positive terminals printed. OK I took a wild ass guess the two wires on the cable plugged into the white connector are twisted really tight, like you find on twisted pair data cables!

Now with my Acer, it already has a webcam in it and has a default software package. Go to the tools section of the software and look for the name of your new USB webcam Remember I told you to remember what it is called! Once it is working through the software, the LED will light up wecbam you can start recording and save or just look at the video that comes across.

The last picture you see zip ties holding the cable to the back of the PCB and trailing off to the opposite end from the white connector. This does two things: 1 Helps keep the strain off the solder joints of your cable and 2 makes you hold the cable to the left. Why left??? It's because you are now behind the camera lens that you used to look into. If you hold the cable to the right, you video image will be upside down! Blac, I don't get on the computer too much but I will yelllow my best to answer questions.

If you webcma a picture and have a question, remember, If you cannot get a close look at it before you post it, I wont either so verify yout picture is blakc. Question 3 months ago. Twiste you please tell me how to connect wires if the camera has: A brown wire, blue and grey twistedGreen wire, And another grey USB cable has the following webcaam Red, black, green and white.

Will you pls tell me how to connect the wires.? Reply 2 months ago, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black. First off, my Instructable was never about telling you the wire colors and what they mean. It is about taking known part numbers of the components and from the components datasheet, extract the ground pin and the positive pin. The Datasheet will also indicate what voltage.

The thing whitte remember is not all manufacturers use the same color codes. Question 5 months ago on Introduction. Hi there - based on this writeup i bought a new webcam board ebay looks identical same product number but they now don't have those 6 solder points rfuse. Instead there's a webcsm micro connector. The bottom of the board is twistex with an insulating black paint-like layer.

I took that off but only see the microscopic points where the connector's pins meet the board. So, after all this time searching, I found this document that I drew up while sorting out the whitf numbers as to their function.

I cannot find twitsed original webca. Answer 5 months ago. I've rearranged my shop space and don't have ready access to that project at this time. I started doing just that by researching the component datasheet Link and checked continuity between the chips' outputs to the connector.

Also, don't forget that the big circles on the underside twistec grounds! Hey, my webcam has more than four wires is there reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black way to make the mic work too or is it not possible.

Idk i was thinking of pluging it into the two data wires. Reply 6 months ago. With the camera operating I haven't figured this one out myself I would suspect when webcqm talk, you would then see audio wares on your meter. I made several of the USB cameras, but didn't do anything with the mics, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black.

I may have to research more and try to do another Instructable similar to this one, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black. Keep me posted if you can resolve this addition. Question 7 months ago. I have a webcam from an acer aspire took form a working laptop but how can i make it work on usb? Reply 7 months ago.

So, what reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black is webca, is not as important as what the module looks like. Can you upload a few pictures? But considering I spent 7 hours Google searching and YouTubing reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black Visit web page had this open on another tab from the start mind youonly to realize not only did you reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black basically the same model, but more importantly taught me some great fundamental video webcam young couple sex techniques, I thank you and applaud this write up.

Great job. Lovely project. I liked it much as blaco do. Atleast we can use the busted laptop's built-in camera somehow. A year ago I salvaged a similar module, but broke it in the process of reverse engineering the connections. Be sure I get back to this when I get the chance to tear down another notebook. Well, we already figured out the ground, TP Two down and 4 more to go.

I plugged it into a USB port and this is what I saw! You can then get a feel for how close you can get with the lens as far as clarity of an image. Thank You and Have Fun! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Jiyaiham Question 3 months ago. Answer Upvote. Reply Twissted. I have reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black admit I almost went blind cringing at at the TP joke.

SaleemA20 3 years ago. Thanks learn more here sharing this article. Nice instructable. You should think about entering this into the First Time Authors contest.

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Iv heard that most of laptop webcams are usb wabcams. My webcam detects when I have turned it around, pointing away from laptop unlike most of webcams. My webcam has a swich insede, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black, which detects when its turned. I cant trace which one of wires goes to that swich.

I have done this successfully. Mine only has four wire. The ones twisted together will be the USB data lines. Maybe you can work it out by inspecting the board Or the main board of the laptop.

I had it around the wrong way at first and the camera got quite warm but was not damaged. Its hard to teke picture from that board, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black, background and everyting are basically made with same colour. In that picture you cant see wiresso I wrote colours to that connector. I hope that you could take a look. You could most likely find the ground connection by measuring with an ohm meter to the metal around the screw holes.

It is probably the input decoupling capacitor. So check if each side of it is connected to one of the input wires. If that works out then you should know how to connect the power supply correctly and you will be able to hook it up to a USB plug. Maybe don't try it on your favourite USB port until you confirm it is working. Black is. I set it to output 5V DC. You can't really say click to see more it is right or not until you try it and see what happens.

If you have a USB Hub try it though that. I think it would be unlikely to xxx hot sex play reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black USB port if connected wrong.

The power lines are normally protected by a PTC or similar. Thanks for help. I tryed connecting red to red, reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black, green to green, black to black and white to blue but the camera always gets hot if the usb black is attatched to any other color but the red from the camera The only major thing i noticed is that when i hook the red from the usb to the black from the camera the green light turns on Hi, Its been a while since I was here last time.

I had only my phone lg optimus 2x, so there are some issues with pictures. If you have any more guestions feel free to ask. Ill do my best to answer to you. My servers HDD died, I had some picures there. I havent used that webcam for a long time, but Ill try to find the webcam and then post some pictures soon.

Sorry for the very late response. The first thing you will want to do is finding the gnd wire. If you have a multimeter then you can see more likely find it by which wire is connected has zero resistance to the metal rings around the screw holes. This means that is is connected to the ground and the power wires, since you already knew the ground you now also know the power connection.

The only thing left are the data wires, if the connector is wired like most usb connectors are wired there will probably be 2 wires in between or to one side of the power and gnd wires. The fifth wire is article source not connected can you track the traces to find out if one of the wires isn't connected?

I have a Toshiba built in webcam that i took out of my broken laptop and i want to connect it to a usb wire. I wish I remember what I did. If you have a multimeter, you should find if any wires ary connected. Its just measuring resistance Reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black My multimeter has also a feature for detecting if 2 wires are connected.

You could try feeding it 5V and almost 0A, so it shouldnt frie webcam, and only when connection is correct, it will get power and you should see some Ampers used. So you I toke the risk eventually got it wrong I notice in my device manager in that case that other usb items got disconnected Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. So from my webcam comes 5 wires. Inside usbcabe are only four wires, white, green, black and red. So how could I connect those wires from webcam to usbcable.

Which color goes to which? This content has been marked as final. Show 16 replies. My biggest consearn is that if I connect it wrongly, could it destroy my laptop? In usb cable are four wires; Red, Black, Ehite and Green.

I set it to output 5V DC That cam used 0. But my basic idea of USB cable is right? So if Reuse webcam red green white twisted yellow black connect it wrongly it woun't blow up my computer, only that usb port its connected to. Yes that is the right pinout for USB. I got it working, I connected it just the way I posted in my second last post. It works well. No problem. Nice to hear of the good result. Could you post a preferably high res picture of the module front and back? On the other side of that is nothing, it has some sort of cover glued here it.

Message was edited by: Jarmo Isotalo, Added the pictures. Cam see more. Cam 4. Cam 3. Cam 2. Cam 1. I hope it helps. Follow Share. Retrieving data

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