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Never ask your lover what or who they think about when you have sex, you don't want to know, trust me. Several months ago Michelle, my wife of six years, introduced herself to a new neighbor who rick us over for dinner a week bog two later. Our new neighbors, Alicia and Michael, had been married for three years and recently moved to San Antonio after Alicia found a new project management job in the city.

After dinner, Michael and I were relaxing in the game room while the girls cleaned the dishes. I guess we had finished off a couple of bottles of wine over dinner and I was a little tipsy when Alicia brought out the after dinner drinks. Alicia downed hers and immediately suggested we join her outside to try out their new hot tub. Alicia began undressing right in front of the three of us and as she slipped in the ibg tub she began coaxing Michelle to do the same. Michelle looked at me, laughed and followed Alicia into the tub covering her breasts with her arm and without taking off her panties.

Michael quickly stripped and slipped next to Alicia as I stood there holding my glass, not sure I was interested in getting naked with our new your girl webcam. After a few seconds of humiliation I put the glass down and took off my clothes, leaving on my white briefs wifr, why didn't I wear boxers' as I slipped into the hot tub. The water felt good and with all of the alcohol in my system I was enjoying myself.

Michelle began to fall asleep and we decided it was dickk to call it a night. Michelle and Alicia scurried into the house to dress leaving Michael and I to dress in the pool house. As I removed my wife taking a big dick wet briefs and dried off with a towel I had the strangest feeling Michael was looking at me.

I turned and saw Michael's jaw open as he stared at my crotch. I quickly wrapped the towel around waist and gave him a quizzical look. Michael snapped out of it and said, "No offense, but you have the smallest cock I have ever seen! I didn't really know what to say. I had assumed I was average in length, maybe four inches or so when I was erect.

I tried to laugh it off, assuming it was the booze talking, "Perhaps it is the cold air giving me a little shrinkage. Look at mine, my wife taking a big dick. It was really big. Maybe six inches and he wasn't erect. Feeling more and more uncomfortable I wanted to ignore his comments, but I couldn't. Again, I tried to diffuse, "Maybe it isn't I am so small, but that you are so big?

You are hung like a horse. How do you fit that not pretty bbw boobs webcam remarkable inside of Alicia?

Has she ever been with another man? I think he was starting to get erect. At webcam new live jackson orleans square point I was starting to get red in the face and said, "That is none of your business, why don't you put that thing up before you hurt my wife taking a big dick.

Surely Michael was only saying these things because he was drunk. I just wanted to get out of there. Michael smiled as his cock got bigger and bigger as he held it in his hand. I couldn't help but look at it grow, it really was massive. Michael, my wife taking a big dick, clearly drunk at this point said, my wife taking a big dick, "You know, Michelle might still be a virgin.

X hope for your sake she didn't see this Hopefully Michael was drunk enough that he wouldn't remember what he said my wife taking a big dick next day. Michelle and I walked across the street to our house and collapsed in bed before I had a chance to mention my exchange with Michael. The next week Michael was out watering dkck lawn as I returned from the gym.

Michael waved and met me as I walked to the mailbox. He asked, "Did you mention our conversation to Michelle? I hadn't brought it up partly because I forgot and partly because I wasn't sure it was a good idea. I responded, "Nope, have you? Michael immediately denied saying anything to anyone. But continued, "Evidently Michelle might have seen a little more of me than she bargained for the other night, my wife taking a big dick. Yesterday she asked Alicia about 'size' asking if it mattered.

Evidently it upset Alicia and while she didn't show it to Michelle, she was pretty angry. She wanted me to tell you so that you could handle it. I asked, "Okay, so how do I handle wif I unfolded it and saw what looked like a 9-inch strap on penis. It was hollow allowing for a smaller penis to fit inside.

I couldn't believe Michael handed the paper to me. I tried to say something, but began walking away without saying a word. Michael called out behind me, "Just give it a try, maybe she won't d ass webcam porn so curious if you show her what it is like.

I threw the paper into my dresser and forgot all about it. Of course the truth was never something that got in Michael's way. Michael HAD told Alicia takimg the size of my penis, he described me as microscopic. Ironically, Alicia was the one who was curious about the size of my penis, my wife taking a big dick. Jill, the block captain hosted a block party z year on the same night as her husband's birthday.

It is a running joke that Sam, Jill's husband, my wife taking a big dick, still thinks it is his birthday party. Anyway, we usually have a good time. First, I ran ym Michael who asked me if I had taken his advice.

The whole conversation annoyed me and I took the first opportunity to escape, admitting nothing, my wife taking a big dick. After an hour of talking to Sam about his boat I went looking for Michelle, only to find her alone talking to Michael. Only recently did I learn what they were talking about.

Michael then furthered the fiction my wife taking a big dick describing the incident in the pool house in his own twisted way. He explained how I had been staring at his penis as we dried off. He insisted that I wanted to know how something so big could fit inside of Alicia. He went on to suggest that I bet that it wouldn't fit inside of Michelle. Michael then claimed that I began to get erect staring at his penis talking about whether or not it would fit inside of Michelle.

Michael explained to Michelle that it was then that he realized it was my fantasy to let another man, a man who was well endowed to fuck his wife. Michael explained that I would dik admit it, but that I wanted her to sleep with my wife taking a big dick.

He then went on to explains the virtues of making love to a man with a large cock as opposed to what she was used to. After she revealed to Iwfe that she was a virgin when she and I met he tried to convince her that she might still be a virgin. He then suggested that to prove it he would have me wear a strap on that was the same size as his cock. Michelle couldn't believe what he was saying, but it was too far fetched to be a complete fabrication.

The conversation intrigued Michelle as much as it bothered her. The fact that Michelle HAD been a virgin when we met so there had always been some curiosity there. When Michael saw me he quickly said goodbye and turned the other way.

Tajing I asked Michelle, "What was that all about? Ironically it was all about penis size, the size of my penis. Alicia who had just finished her fourth cocktail and was as drunk as usual, as delicately as one possibly can when they are three sheets to wind, asked Michelle what sex is like with a small penis.

Alicia pressed, "Michael said it looked like the penis of a small my wife taking a big dick. He also told me your husband likes to watch you with other normal sized men. In a hushed voice Michelle countered, "That isn't true.

Maybe Michelle was tking by Michael's size. I found the page he had printed off the internet and ordered the strap on prosthetic. The next day Michael was raking leaves when I walked over to say hi. Girls off sexy jerking told me that Alicia was pissed that Michelle was 'stalking' him at the party and that if My wife taking a big dick didn't do something Alicia was likely to explode.

I told him I ordered the prosthetic and that I would try it the next week. That evening the phone rang and Michelle answered saying hello, but nothing else. She just listened. She was turned away from me, so she didn't notice I was watching her.

Before she hung up busty amature teens webcam blowjob said, "Please don't my wife taking a big dick again. Evidently it was Michael confirming to Michelle that I had purchased the strap-on penis so that she could see taling it was like to have his cock inside of her. He tried to convince her that I wanted her to make love to him, but that I knew she would never do it unless I could show her what she was missing.

Michelle felt horrible for keeping Michael's conversations secret, but she knew they would only hurt me. I wished she had trusted me. Not realizing I was playing into Michael's plan, I planned the evening perfectly.

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I guess by now you know that after being fucked by Pakistani free porn online big cock and Gina's whole hand, I enjoyed having my pussy filled. Don't get me wrong, Bill's nice fat 7 incher is more than adequate but I sometimes find myself longing to have my pussy really filled.

That is how I got started fisting myself, but that is another story. This is the story of my first really big cock. In fact, it is also only the second time that I fucked another man since I got married, so here goes. We had a rather large party at out house and usually our parties ended up with most of the guys getting drunk and leaving somewhat early.

Tonight was no exception and by midnight, Bill was asleep on the couch passed out actually and our friend Mike was the only guest left. I started to clean up the mess and My wife taking a big dick voluntarily pitched in to help.

I woke Bill up and made him go to bed while Mike was there in case I needed help getting him to the bedroom but he made it on his own. I was washing some dishes when Mike came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. I hardly ever wear a bra so he could feel my rock hard nipples through my t-shirt. I am so horny but Bill and I have an agreement that I must first get his permission to fuck someone else.

He doesn't mind if I do, in fact he encourages, but I have to ask him first. I finally whispered that Mike wanted to fuck me and was it alright with him. He moaned something that I couldn't make out so I my wife taking a big dick that read article a yes and went back toward the kitchen. Mike was now sitting on the couch in the living room and had a big grin on his face as I told him that I got Bill's permission.

I sat down beside him and we began kissing again. He continued to play with my tits and I removed my shirt to give him better access.

I also helped him to remove his shirt and when I did, I got the surprise of my life. Sticking above the waist of his jeans was the head of the largest cock I had my wife taking a big dick seen. His cock was at least 3 inches above his waistband and the head was as big as a small orange. Mike laughed and said my wife taking a big dick it was all him and that I could have as much of it as I wanted tonight, my wife taking a big dick.

I couldn't wait so I immediately helped him remove his jeans and underwear to expose the monster. His cock was at least a foot long and as thick as my wrist. It was hard as a rock and I reached down and took it in both hands to bring it amateur young webcam my mouth. There was no way I was going country models by identify xxx webcam get this thing in my mouth so I just started licking the head and then up and down the shaft.

Mike moaned as I flicked my tongue around the head of his cock and slipped my tongue in the pee hole several times. I worked and stretched and finally was able to get the head into my mouth. I thought Mike would go wild.

He started bucking his cock into my mouth and I had to remove it and tell him to slow down. I once again took the head into my mouth and was determined to get at least some of this monster into my throat. It took some time for my mouth to get used to his cock but I slowly started to adjust and work an inch or two into my mouth.

As the head of his cock reached the back of my throat, I thought I was going to gag. As determined as I was though, I kept working at it and attempted to control my gag reflex my wife taking a big dick soon the head of his cock was actually in my throat.

I had tears in my eyes but I got the thing where I wanted it. It feels great. I had to prepare myself if I was going to swallow his cum. I slowly worked his cock back into my throat and started working more if his shaft down into me. I had about 7 inches in my throat when I felt him tense and say "Here it comes baby, ready or not.

I couldn't do anything but swallow and I was having a really hard time doing that. I managed to keep from gagging though and I couldn't believe how much he was cumming.

He finally stopped and with tears running down my cheeks, my wife taking a big dick, I slid his cock from my mouth and took a deep breath. Mike and I both jumped and there was Bill, sleepy eyed but with a big smile on his face. That was what I wanted to hear so I grabbed his cock and started sliding it up and down in my hands, my wife taking a big dick. I couldn't believe it but he was getting hard again.

I got up and removed my jeans which were soaking wet from my dripping pussy. That way I could control everything and take as much of him when I wanted. That is exactly what I did and as I lowered my dripping pussy onto his huge head, I pushed until it hurt slightly and his cock did not enter me. I moved up a little and rubbed the head around my pussy to get us better lubricated and then sat down on his cock again. I didn't think it was going to fit when, with one last and rather painful push, the head of his cock stretched me enough to enter.

There was still some pain but it was bearable, so I told Mike to hold still for a minute until my poor pussy adjusted to his monster.

He just smiled and said "No woman has ever taken it all. In fact, only one has taken more that half of it. Bill spoke up and said that he was sure that I would soon have that big cock buried to the hilt. He came over to me and kissed me, telling me that he loved me and how much he wanted to see me ride this monster cock, my wife taking a big dick.

The pain had subsided so I slowly started to sit on Mike's cock and work it into my spread pussy, my wife taking a big dick. I was experiencing a feeling that I had never felt before. I thought that I was stretched when Gina fisted me, and again with Bob fucked me with his cock and four fingers, my wife taking a big dick, but this was totally different. I could feel his cock slowly working its way into me and I continued the pressure so that more if his cock entered me ever minute or so.

It seemed like an eternity since the head had spread my lips and went in but I know it was only a few minutes. I thought I was doing pretty good and wondered how much of the monster was in me, so I looked down to see that only about half of his cock was buried in me. I felt so full and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take any more when Bill whispered in my ear "Come on baby, I know you can do it. I love you and I want to see your pussy swallow the whole thing. I had already check this out once or twice big tit milfs on webcam as soon as I started playing with myself, I came again.

This time much harder that the ones before. I guess the pain was dulling the intensity of my orgasms. I pushed a little harder and felt a little more if his cock enter me. I decided to raise up a little and allow Mike to fuck me with the half of his cock that was in me.

As I did, Mike got the message and began to slowly fuck me, each time hitting bottom when he pushed in. I could feel the resistance but could also feel that there was more room to go so each time he thrust into me, my wife taking a big dick, I would meet him and I finally felt him slide another inch or two deeper into me. It hurt like hell when he did and I told him to stop for a minute. As we lay there waiting for the pain to subside, Bill came over and put his cock in my mouth.

I started taking him into my throat and concentrated on sucking him. It worked, and the hot mexican naked went away so I sat on Mike's cock a little harder. I had cum so many times that I had lost count but the feeling had been different to this point.

Once again, I figured that it must have been because of the pain. I removed Bill's cock from my mouth and told him that I wanted to give full concentration to fucking this baseball bat of a cock that was buried in my pussy. He and Mike both laughed and I began moving Mike's cock in and out of me. Slowly we started fucking and as soon as the pain was gone, my orgasms began getting more intense and soon I was cumming and screaming for Mike to fuck me hard.

I was riding him and driving his big cock completely into me with each thrust. I was now cumming continuously and shuddering like there was no tomorrow. I hadn't been paying any attention to what Bill was doing but all of a sudden I felt my wife taking a big dick touch my ass. I turned around to see Bill with a smile on his face, playing with my ass.

I felt a finger enter my asshole and it acutally felt good. There was no pain my wife taking a big dick all but it sure felt tight. I was now oblivious to what was going on except the monster cock that was filling my pussy and driving me wild. I could feel Bill adding some fingers in my ass but had not idea how many. Then I felt him withdraw his fingers and heard him moving around behind me.

I was about to ask him what for when I felt something push against my asshole again. His cock entered me with ease and as he slowly slid his cock into continue reading ass, I have never experience sensations like I was right now. I was cumming and cumming and shaking violently. I screamed for them both to fuck me and in only a few more strokes I heard Mike say that he was about to cum.

That was all I remember because I passed out. When I awoke again, I was in bed and Mike and Bill were sitting next to my wife taking a big dick talking. Report Story. Why bother to be married? It's such a joke. Just live separate lives my wife taking a big dick fuck who you want when you want. Much cleaner with no pretense.

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